Some beautiful things in life are hard to get! Today, one must travel around the world to get their hands on a City Exclusive scent. Le Labo’s City Exclusive collection was created to pay tribute to cities we love around the world. These fragrances are usually only available in the city they belong to and nowhere else. This means no online orders, no shipping, and no exceptions. But once a year, and once a year only, we close our eyes and let the City Exclusives leave their hometowns for the month of September to find new people to love them.

City Exclusive samples and discovery set are available online and in labs.

City Exclusive full-size fragrances are available online, in labs and select corners.

City Exclusive 50ml, 100ml and 500ml bottles can be refilled in select Le Labo labs worldwide for 20% off the retail price. Please visit for a list of locations.

BERLIN Freeeeeedom! Cedrat 37 is a delicate balance of cedrat and ginger – fresh, acidic, and addictive candied sweetness – resting on a foundation of sensual Le Labo-ness, which often means woods, musks, and a generous note of ambergris. If it were a city, it would feel like Berlin, embracing a joyous, thick-skinned, and solar freedom even when it rains. Do you beg to differ? We hope you do. But smell it first.

SEOUL In the beginning, Citron 28’s early code name was “Citron Boheme”; we wanted a real lemon perfume that wasn’t just lemon but a twist on this icon of citruses. A mix and match of freshness and structure (lemon, ginger, and jasmine, resting on cedar and musk notes), it strikes the right balance between the original and the conservative. Citron 28 meets the need for purity and simplicity and, as such, delivers something almost universal and easy to understand – yet remains inscrutable. This complex composition is dedicated to Seoul, an alpha city, one of the iconic capitals of the world. A city with its own contradictions, rooted in tradition and history yet at the forefront of all that is modern and forward-thinking. Opposing forces that only bohemian citrus can embrace.

CHICAGO The main story behind this fragrance refers to music – jazz music, in particular. There is a direct correlation between the sharp pepper and some of the more upbeat sounds of jazz, and the soft back represents the simpler, soothing side of the music. Either way, the uplifting effect of the music seems to carry you away, the same way the music of the spices (aldehyde and musk playing along with the pink pepper) brings your spirit up. In pure Le Labo style, our Chicago exclusive scent reinvents pink pepper (baie rose in French) to knock you off with straight elegance, an endless wake, and a unique signature. Pink pepper is reinforced with clove, winking left and right to some cedar and aldehyde while walking up the aisle to get married to the eternal rose absolute from Grasse. The result sits on musks. It is pure refinement, personality, and memorability.

LONDON Poivre 23 translates into Pepper 23, Le Labo’s pepper statement. Why pepper? (And we’re talking true Bourbon Pepper, the crown jewel of peppers.) Because it’s the spice of all spices, widely used in the perfumery, and we wanted pepper to finally get what it deserves: the limelight. It is warm, ultra spicy, truly ambery, and it’s only for London for most of the year.