Exclusive Unveiling, Introducing ‘Futura’ for the First Time, on Numéro NL

‘FUTURA’ will be available to stream from the 11th August 2023, you can already listen to it exclusively through the link below :

Earlier this month Pan-Pot released the first original music in over 1.5 years, with their single ‘PROTO’. With 3 versions, the original mix of ‘PROTO’ wastes no time in getting you re- acquainted with Pan-Pot’s vigorous production style, echoing the robustly energetic DJ performances that have seen them attain endless global acclaim. The ominous vocal was a centerpiece of this track, as it was the continuation of the original ‘Charly’ track the guys released on Mobilee back in 2007 and put their name on the map.

Pre-save for the ‘FORTE’ album

Released on the 11th of August, ‘FUTURA’ is the third single to drop, from the new unveiled brand new project from the guys called ‘FORTE’. A collection of 10 original tracks, showcasing the past, present and future of Pan-Pot, as the duo celebrate two decades of dance. Fans can expect a single to drop every fortnight from July to November.

‘FUTURA’ takes things down a vampiric path, providing a racy number built on thudding kicks,
piercing hat grooves and lucid harmonies. A swirling concoction of endless layers of sound, it
has a murky acid tinge combined with another head-turning vocal hook, bringing an ominously
rave-ready result.

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