Exclusive editorial by Vincent Merino in collaboration with OMNIÅ

Brand new exclusive digital editorial captured by Vincent Merino.

OMNIÅ to Introduce S1 Collection : Meet the Modern Militants building an underground luxury accessories brand wanting to sew the edges of humanity together, through a multi-faceted collective of forward thinkers, encouraging one another to stay “woke.” OMNIÅ was born through the simple encountering question “Heb je een vuurtje?” – translated to “Do you have a lighter?” this moment sparked highly diverse creatives to go on a mission to break the boundaries created by modern day society. Et voilà : S1 Modern Militant, was weaved from the reality of 2 strangers falling in love, and how it only takes a moment for the lovers to turn one another's world’s upside down. Nevertheless, the utopia of being together is really the catalyst of a movement known as “strength in numbers”. The bags; their armor – initially, until they let their guards down – toned in militant greens, a touch of ultra-marine blue and the mystery of a black beauty colourway.  Let’s make the world fall in love, again.

In collaboration for bags: OMNIÅ (@omnia_worldwide)

for more information: https://www.fouramsterdam.com/brands/omnia/

Art director: Anyah Sealey (@blackthecreator)

On set producers: Diek van der plas (@dirkadondirka) + Liz Bykov (@supwithliz)

Photographer: Vincent Merino (@vmerinoph)

Videographer & editor: Firginio Arlaud (@Firginio)

Gaffer & lighting editor: Jerliena Roosblad (@rosefeuilles)

Videographer & editor: Firginio Arlaud (@firginio)

Sound engineer: Daniel Berends (@shakedmusic)

Music & Voice over: Joiah (@__joiah___)

Gaffer & lighting editor: (@rosefeuilles)

MUA: Jazz Ben Khalifa (@itsmua.khalifa)

Hair: Haka (@hakahair)

Models: Lou van Hoff (@louvanhoff) & Marcus Hansma (@marcus.hansma) at The Movement

Location: Venu (at_venu)

Casting director: Timotej Letonja (timiletonja)

Stylist: Gino (@Ginogurrieri)

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