A story about the human existence. It’s about feeling stuck behind a glass wall. It’s about feeling visible but not seen. Wanted but not welcome. The texture of tenderness running up your spine, gently touching your skin. A weight gets lifted off your chest because you no longer feel trapped within your own flesh. It feels like a warm hand touching your cheek. Skin to skin. Human to human. The collected pieces of yourself form a masterpiece, a goddess pressing her breasts against the wall that’s holding her back. Filling your lungs with life knowing they will expand and contract giving yourself the permission to come home.


Photography DEBORA BRUNE www.deborabrune.com / @debora_brune

Styling CAMILLE NAOMI FRANKE / https://www.camillenaomi.com// @camiillefr

Model YASMIN @ LET IT GO MANAGEMENT / @opheliathanatos

Hair and Make up ANA BUVINIC @ BASICS BERLIN/ https://www.anabuvinic.com/ @ana.buvinic.mua

Assistant JELENA KOVACEVIC / @jelena_asdf LUISA BOCKSNICK / @bxnck