According to the legend, Nasatyas are twin gods. They appear just before dawn, symbolizing the rising sun and opening a path to Usas, the goddess of dawn, announcing the beginning of a new day. 

The choreography is a circle of life coming down on 1 day for the Twins sisters.

It begins with the birth. They are just one, a living magma. They breathe, grow up, evolve together until the separation suddenly happens. They are now two separate entities and they start to discover their own bodies. But they continue to act and react in harmony, as an heritage of their precedent life together. Their personalities are taking over and they both exist in their own distinctive features : Cindy (bottom screen) is closer to the ground and connected to Earth, her moves correspond to a tribal dance.

When Stessy (top screen) has an ethereal evolution. She needs to distance herself from the twin condition which she sees as a straitjacket. She moves faster and faster till she breaks into trance losing herself out of breath.

At this point, Cindy is pulled back to her sister and catches her in her arms before she falls. And like this, they are back to harmony, making one again. As Nasatyas, they go back to sleep, waiting for the next day to come.

Written and directed by Cyril Masson @_cyrilmasson
Starring Stessy & Cindy Emelie @stessyncindy
Fashion Editor : Joy Sinanian @joysinanian
Director of Photography : Julien Teissier @julienteissier
Steadicamer : Sacha Naceri @sachanaceri
Camera Assistant : Alixia Mejean @alixiamejean
Location Manager : Pascal Resta @pascal.resta
Editor : Cyril Masson
Color Grading : Vincent Amor
Music : Linky Larson @link_le_neil
Singer : Lidye Lapeste @lydielapeste
Produced by @blackdeerprod & @creamparistv

Special Thanks :
MUGLER @muglerofficial
KCD @kcdworldwide
VANTAGE @vantagefilmfrance
NUMERO NETHERLANDS numero_netherlands
@timiletonja @wblanc @its.pierregln@sihamgouymenaa @imfrijol@teatro_andromeda