Exclusive editorial by Fabien Montique

Exclusive new digital editorial, captured by Fabien Montique.


Photo: Fabien Montique 

Styling: Joana Dacheville

Photo Assistant – Jean-Romain Pac

Casting Director: Remi Felipe

Models: Mahany Pery @Oui , Emma Sainte-Rose @Oui, Marieme @Makers 

Movement director: Pierre Podevyn,  

Hair: Yumiko Hikage @ASG 

Make up:  Yvane Rocher  @ASG 

Props: Sylvain Cabouat @Walter Schupfer 

Production : William Romeo , Montique & Co

“Post-Production & Retouch – ink”

fashion assistants :  Léo Rouault , Agathe Philippart and Joana Mahafaly

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