Words and interview by Patrick Boyle

David Alaba is an Austrian international footballer currently playing for Real Madrid. Success has followed Alaba throughout his career, winning 11 league titles and 3 Champions Leagues across his time at Bayern Munich and the Spanish giants. Off the field, Alaba has emerged as a prominent figure in the fashion world, becoming a regular fixture on the front row of Europe’s top designers. This season saw Alaba attend a number of shows at Paris Fashion Week, most notably Ami, Rhude and Wales Bonner. The latter of which he hosted a post-show dinner with to celebrate the English designer’s latest collection.

In Conversation with David Alaba

What was your highlight of Paris Fashion Week?

For me it was the Wales Bonner show, and then after the dinner which Grace and I hosted.

What was your favourite look from the Wales Bonner show?

I really loved the look with the dark blue leather jacket and sequins, matched with light coloured denim pants

Designer brands are increasingly incorporating football inspiration into their collections. Balenciaga, Martine Rose and Off White recently produced their own kits, while Botter recently showed their take on Adidas Predators on the runway. What do you think of the relationship between fashion and football?

I do think positively about this relationship. The influences can also be seen in football in reverse, we also had a collaboration with Y3 at Real Madrid last year. And I can see it for myself too, I love fashion, and many of my colleagues are also interested in it and attend fashion weeks.

How would you describe your personal style?

I don’t know if there is a description for this, it all happens intuitively for me. What do I feel like when I dress like this? I’m also very flexible here, I don’t follow a pattern here.

Apart from yourself, who do you think is the most fashionable in the Real Madrid dressing room?

I would say Camavinga!

Exclusive David Alaba PFW Photo Diary

Photography by Christopher Kelemen