In the last 30 years, the consumption of ultra-processed foods has increased by 600% and data says the intake of these options increases the risk of mortality from various causes by 62%. Based on this, the two entrepreneurs behind B3TTER FOODS set out to make products that taste amazing and are makde of whole foods.

They are two young Spaniards dreaming to change the world step by step. Adrià was born and raised in Girona, Spain. Until he was 20 years old, he combined his studies with ultra-distance sport such as Ironman and Ultratrails. Sport has shaped Adrià’s hard-working attitude. His passion is to create projects that face local and global challenges.

Alex was born in Spain, is half French and grew up in an international and culturally versatile environment. From an early age on he developed a passion for traveling, discovering new ways of thinking, living, learning and staying curious. Besides having studied to become a teacher, he works with social media and is an environmental activist. Nowadays, the best tasting food is often ultra-processed and has bad effects on our bodies.

They believe that there is a different approach to great tasting snacks with only healthy ingredients, no sugar, no edulcorants and no artificial flavors. They value transparency, which is why they use ingredients people are familiar with. They couldn't find a tasty and healthy product that fulfilled our needs, so we teamed up with nutritionists, gastronomists and other experts from the food industry to create their first snacks for B3TTER FOODS.

The brand name comes from the idea that they wanted to create products that reinvent what's on the market already, in terms of nutritional benefits, brand image and mission. They always put well-being above economic profit. So they incorporated the number 3 as a mirrored E as our mission is to take care of 3 main components: people's health, our planet and animals. They launched hazelnut cocoa spreads and bars. The bars come in the flavours cocoa, blueberries and peanuts while they are made up of four ingredients only. Chocolate and blueberries contain antioxidants, while peanuts are a great source of protein. They use dates as a natural, healthy sweetener.

In the future, they hope to raise awareness about mindful dietary consumption and establish ourselves as an essential brand when it comes to tasty snacks.. B3TTER FOODS aims to turn the food industry upside down, so stay tuned!