The new Études campaign, directed by Grégoire Dyer, echoes Études’ Spring Summer 2023 collection theme of the PERIPHERY. Embodied by French actor Félix Maritaud, this modern tale follows a young man wandering through cityscapes on the outskirts of Paris. An escape, a quest, a show, a dive: each poetic fragment conveys a solitude filled with contemplative melancholy and fantasy.

After celebrating a decade of creation with an introspective chapter, the Études Spring Summer 2023 collection unveils a new era of Études’ identity. As part of the brand’s experimental journey, the founding trio will henceforth choose a specific location as the first step of creation, breathing new life into the anchoring of its signature silhouette. Taking its roots in a lesser-known Paris, far from clichés, the collection is imbued with the Petite Ceinture (Little Belt) references—a thirty-kilometer railway circling through the city. Between train tracks and greenery, Études’ first post-pandemic show will take place in its renovated part of the 19th arrondissement, with models walking on the rails and guests watching from the platforms.

On the border between inner and outer Paris, the Études Spring Summer 2023 collection draws its inspiration from the abandoned industrial heritage, recalling the world of workers in their uniforms, the wild plants that grow between the deserted rails, but also a field of exploration of those subcultures. Staying true to its stylistic imprint, the Études wardrobe combines workwear’s functionality and patina with formal garments of meticulous detail.