Etro unveils Eden of Etropìa, the Advertising Campaign for the debut collection designed by the new creative director Marco De Vincenzo as an immersive journey through the Maison’s heritage and tradition.

The visuals shot in London by Malaysian photographer Zhong Lin represent the 3rd Act of Etropìa: a multi-act aesthetic vision formed by the Manifesto (Act 1), the fashion show Master of Textiles (Act 2) and the upcoming staging of Wonderland of Etropìa (Act 4), a global project of retail and wholesale activations in 10 capitals around the world, including a series of maxi-outdoor installations in hot spots in major cities.

Inspired by the paintings and portraits of the Pre-Raphaelites, Marco De Vincenzo expands his dreamlike and poetic vision, creating a new paradise centered around the apple, the iconic fruit of the collection and a potent symbol of love, seduction and eternity. In a parallel dimension where the surreal becomes real, and where every perspective is turned upside down to leave space for dreams, models are envisioned like tightrope walkers,nymphs, sorceresses and princesses, surrounded by giant stairs and walls that break up and reassemble in a paradoxical labyrinth, in a fairy tale within seemingly supernatural scenery. In this contemporary Eden, as if under a spell, the protagonists can walk along a rope dangling in mid-air, they fall asleep in fascinating oblivion, they fall in love with the magical fruit and they also become an extension of nature.

In this continuous tension between fantasy and reality, garments are enriched with flowers, fruit and birds that intertwine the past and the future of the House, celebrating Made in Italy through the wonderful art of textiles. Interpreted with new eyes, tradition is used by Marco de Vincenzo as a means of exploration and evolution toward an eccentric and essential aesthetic, expressed through micro and macro shapes, amplified prints and precious embroideries, and through the singular shape of the new Vela Bag.

Photographer: Zhong Lin

Stylist: Gabriella Karefa-Johnson

Models: Iman Kaumann, Akon Changkou, Livia H