The Eternal 925 Toothbrush is handmade in Florence with naturally antibacterial Sterling Silver, Pure Copper, and even plated with an extra thick layer of 24K Gold, for decades of protection and value.

OLIGODYNAMIC: The oligodynamic effect (from Greek oligos, "few", and dynamic, "force") is a biocidal effect of metals.

ANTIBACTERIAL: Destructive to and preventing the growth of bacteria.

ANTIVIRAL: The antiviral (killing of viruses) properties of copper, silver, and gold are well known. For the possibility of killing also Covid please refer to academic publications on our Kickstarter page.

PURE COPPER: 100% Oligodynamic Pure Copper

STERLING SILVER: 92,5% Oligodynamic Pure Silver 7,5% Oligodynamic Pure Copper

24K GOLD PLATED STERLING SILVER: 24K Gold plated Sterling Silver