“In joy and in sorrow, in wealth and in poverty, for better or for worse, I promise to love and cherish you.”

They are dressed to the nines, more than gorgeous. It must be said that they have been fantasizing for months about their make-up, day dress, gown for the big night, train and tiara. The bride is dressed in fatal white, the bridesmaids in red, black and blue.

They drew on every reference they could think of, especially those seen in the Chick Flicks they keep replaying. There’s sugar-sweet romance in the air. At the end, after the “YES”, they agreed to throw lavender. Crying with emotion while laughing with excitement, they will trample it to a flagrant climax – it will be a perfect wedding.

For the first time at Ester Manas, the body is not the subject. Because, obviously, at a wedding, everybody is invited. And all to the party. That is where the designer duo Ester and Balthazar take their stand.

In a great lyrical leap of joy and playfulness, they adorn the wedding with mostly recycled lace, tulle and ribbed mesh fused together, trains like Italian curtains, neo-flamenco ruffles that embrace the movements, asymmetries and cuts that challenge conventions.

In a game of optical illusions and overlays, they preach the sacred union with the lace of Chantelle X. The delicate lingerie is in seamless symbiosis with their proud fall-winter.

And in an infinite loop that borders on the intimate, Ester and Balthazar intertwine fiction and reality.

Marriage in sight. For better and for best.

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