Through thoughtful and purposeful materials, shapes and shared visions, Satisfy® and Oakley® come together to launch a two-part series featuring unique sunglasses and apparel that redefines running equipment. This isn’t just another hype drop, this is equipment for our world.

The collaboration sees Oakley® come together with Satisfy® in its continued mission to inspire runners to chase their high: that feeling when a solo runner experiences another level of consciousness that allows for reflection and creativity. With an essentialist approach to its design, Satisfy® ensures that every piece has a purpose fit for a runner. That same approach translates into this collaboration, which blends Satisfy®’s belief that technical running apparel deserves luxury-level craftsmanship with Oakley®’s expertise in product design and innovation.

“We both share a vision of altering perception and creative process”, said Brice Partouche, Satisfy®’s Founder and Creative Director. “We develop technical product through strong narratives that are based off the worlds that we have created. This collab was all about channeling the energy around Oakley®’s heritage and adding our layer of running performance through lightweight, premium materials and technical construction.”

The first release from the collaboration will offer a unique perspective on Oakley® Re:SubZero, reimagined with two colourways. Weighing only 24 grams, the sunglasses are so light that you might forget they’re even on while chasing that high.

Inspired by dawn’s first light setting the path forward, the matte dusty rose frame color evokes the warm sun reflecting on smooth sand waves, withthe Prizm™ Dark Golf lens providing contrast and detail in unexpected places. The Oakley® x Satisfy® Re:SubZero collection also features a matte black frame color intent to move you through the nonsense with grace, complete with a Prizm™ Black lens for enhanced visibility.

The second breath of the capsule, available June 23rd, blends both brands’ visions into making the best product there is, from sunglasses to apparel. Inspired by the era of sculptural physics in eyewear and the quest to redefine garments that enhance human experience, the team took an unexpected route to create a unique apparel capsule to compliment one of Oakley® ’s most iconic frames

Resurfacing a quintessential piece of eyewear from the 90’s, the Oakley® x Satisfy® Eye Jacket™ sunglasses seek to ignite runners’ disruptive nature, setting no limits to your run. The Eye Jacket matte transparent brown frame blends in with nature’s color palette while the multiple pairs of lenses including Prizm ™ Tungsten, Black and Low Light elevate this high-wrap sport performance frame to a highly versatile optical tool.

Each piece of eyewear in the collection comes in a collectible clear box and is housed in a custom rolltop bag with a reflective accent, making the vessel as coveted as the eyewear it holds.

As with all the eyewear featured in both collections, apparel is available in limited qualities. The Satisfy® x Oakley® collaboration introduces a range of high-performance apparel featuring innovative technologies. The collection includes the PeaceShell™ Sun Hat for sun protection and quick-drying functionality, the MothTech™ T-Shirt with ventilation and moisture-wicking capabilities, and the Auralite™ Base Layer designed for comfort with underarm light panels. The Justice™ Cargo Half Tight offers durability, functionality, and breathability with cargo pockets, mesh venting, and a reinforced construction ideal for outdoor activities.

“Satisfy®’s vision of the future inspires for us to see in running,” said Brian Takumi, VP Brand Soul at Oakley®. “The creativity from the product and the communication are very aligned with the spirit of the past, present, and future of Oakley®.”