Travelling in style is not just an option with Emirates, it is a guarantee. Flying with the airline from Dubai is much more than a commute from A to B. It is an experience unlike any other. From sipping a handmade cocktail by a trained professional made on board to unwinding in the sky lounge, the luxury Emirates experience will not be forgotten soon. Numéro Editor in Chief Timotej Letonja got the opportunity to travel in Emirates’ unparalleled Business Class.

Private chauffeur

As a passenger in one of the premium cabins, the Emirates experience starts at your doorstep. “I was picked up at home by the complimentary car service, which is quickly booked directly through the Emirates app. The chauffeur arrived a couple of hours before departure and dropped me off at Schiphol Airport, making sure I was there perfectly in time.”, explains Timotej. “It is one of the things that stuck with me the most, as this truly shows that it is about a good flight and a true journey from start to finish. It was an exceptional extra, and it gave the entire trip a sense of completion, a feeling that not one other airline has ever given me.”

Impeccable service

Following a smooth check-in at the counter, there is still more than enough time to enjoy the pleasures of the Emirates lounge, where travellers unwind and relax before boarding their flights. “I got the chance to savour some amazing global flavours, which already took me all over the world without ever having to leave the lounge. Both the gourmet cuisine as well as the Emirates ground staff were amazing. I felt more than welcome, and this first taste of the Emirates experience definitely made me curious about what the airline had in store for me in the air.”

Continuing the journey from Amsterdam, the largest passenger aircraft in the world – the Airbus A380 – was ready for departure to Dubai. Emirates is the world’s primary operator of the A380 and has more than 100 aircraft of this type in its fleet. “Entering the superjumbo truly impressed me as it was my first time ever being in such a huge plane.” Letonja mentions. The size of the A380 allows Emirates to create a spacious lounge area within the aircraft, giving the journey on board a whole other feeling. “Instead of flying from point A to B, it felt more like a meeting hotspot for friends, families and business arrangements,” he adds. Besides the aircraft itself, Emirates is very much known for its impeccable service. From a kind greeting upon boarding to the ongoing assistance that passengers can count on during the flight, this is where the Emirates experience truly comes together. Add to that a very international cabin crew that together speaks more than 50 languages, and you are not short of anything along the way.

Delicious cuisine

From sweet and savoury snacks to elaborate gourmet meals and complimentary champagne, dining in Emirates Business Class is an elevated experience. “It was on a level I never had before aboard an aircraft and fully exceeded my expectations. The cuisine included a main dish and dessert for lunch and plenty of incredible drinks. Everything gave the feeling that quality and hospitality was Emirates’ top priority. After settling into my dedicated space, I was given a glass of champagne, which was an excellent start. Furthermore, I had the opportunity of eating a wonderful vegetarian dinner that included multiple courses with complimentary cocktails made at the bar. My favourite was the classic Cosmopolitan.”

Endless entertainment

The large screens display a great selection of films, series, and more. It is safe to say that it is evident why Emirates’ entertainment system ice has won many prizes. Besides the newest movies, passengers can also view live sports competitions. “During my flight to Dubai, I watched a football match with

several passengers around me. This gave me a cosy feeling and a sense of togetherness. Everything together created a fantastic travel experience.”

The Emirates Experience

“The journey was fantastic, and it really makes me want to travel with Emirates again soon. I am already planning my next trip. Emirates Airlines flies to some of the most picturesque destinations, such as Mauritius, Bali, Tokyo, and Cape Town, to only name a few of the places at the top of my list. All in all, it was a unique, unforgettable experience that blew me away.” Flying with Emirates is something everyone should do at least once in their lifetime. As a guest, you’ll be feeling very welcome, safe and incredibly rested upon arrival after hours of travelling. And if you are not convinced yet, you could ask any of the millions of passengers flying with Emirates annually about their excellent experiences.

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Text by: Wies Kuijpers

Pictures by: Timotej Letonja