Flora Antwerp is a unique place nested in the historical heart of the city, full of colors and lush plants. It is renowned for its amazing interior design created by Gert Voorjans, the man responsible for the exquisite Dries Van Noten Galerie in Paris. If you are looking for a special and intimate place to resource and lounge in the Belgian town, search no more and plunge in the sea of delicacy that is Flora Antwerp

Located in a 15th century merchant’s house in the historical heart of Antwerp, the hotel-boutique got inaugurated in 2022, proposing 7 rooms, all differently furnished and designed. Each room has its own essence but still is very “Flora”, richly decorated and adorned with a dreamy color palette. If you stroll around you will find an adorable furnished library as well as a lounge for guests to enjoy tasteful cocktails. The gardens are luminous and peaceful, where you will find an outside veranda for cozy tea parties. 

"Flora Antwerp is probably one of the cutest boutique hotels I've ever seen and stayed at. It has the most beautiful interior. The hospitality is on another level, it's very intimate. It's definitely a go to place when you're staying in Antwerp, especially if you like privacy and if you enjoy qualitative interior design, it has a very artistic appeal"

Timotej Letonja

And this experience would not be this perfect without the breakfast cooked daily by a house chef. As special as everything happening in Flora, it is the perfect addition to this soothingly great visit.