ENIS, the Kurdish-Danish Alt-R&B artist and creative director has released his debut EP ‘E01 demo collection’ alongside a visual for its focus single ‘Lavender garden’. 

Transitional, contemplative and brooding, ‘E01 demo collection’ is an autobiographical body of work that doubles as both an expression of ENIS’ singular artistry but also a testament of self-actualisation. Across its 5 tracks, ENIS bravely charts and confronts the battles he’s internally waged with his sense of self-worth. Owing to tumultuous and debilitating struggles he’s faced pertaining to familial estrangement, alcoholism, heartbreak and homophobia. 

Speaking on what the EP represents and personally means to him, ENIS said: “Metaphorically, I see it as a bridge built to bring me to my next destination: a freer me. It’s about when you’re promised the sky and left with rain, but use the rain to water your garden.” 

The new EP comes on the heels of previously released singles ‘Fadeaway’, ‘If I want to’ and ‘Drunk for dinner’. To mark the occasion, ENIS has unveiled a video for ‘Lavender garden’. Inspired by bouts of betrayal, negligence and communal isolation, ‘Lavender garden’ is a quietly optimistic ode to finding beauty in the world around despite life’s hardships. 

Sonically the track is an ethereal and dream-like dose of bedroom pop with brushes of alternative R&B and ambient electronica. Produced by Sekko, the minimalist and poignant ballad is accented with feathery string orchestration. 

Speaking on the song’s origins, ENIS said: “I remember being so hurt that I made my subconsciousness think I was unworthy. Consequently, I pushed the ones away that tried to nurture me and give love. As my world was falling apart and I lost my ground, home and family; lavender garden was a dreamy place I imagined when I closed my eyes. It helped me to rediscover hope and believe in the beauty this world has to offer.” 

The accompanying visual was co-directed by ENIS himself and Italian director-photographer Leonardo Casalini. The video shows him worn and bruised as he runs through a forest towards the beach. Showering the blood from his body and peeling off, one by one, the glass pieces from a bottle that was thrown at him by his own uncle. Speaking on the visual, ENIS said: “It’s an interpretation of a real-life experience that happened to me. As the EP’s closing track, it symbolizes redemption. Just like the entire EP does.”