K-pop powerhouse ENHYPEN triumphantly return with their much-anticipated 5th Mini Album ORANGE BLOOD today. Arriving roughly six months after their 4th Mini Album DARK BLOOD, this new release stands as a testament to the septet’s artistic growth, unveiling a palette of sonic colors distinct from their previous discography.

Building upon the narrative initiated in DARK BLOOD, the album unfolds a vibrant chapter wherein the joyful boys wholeheartedly pledge unwavering affection towards ‘you,’ embodying the essence of the ‘Carpe diem’ spirit. ORANGE BLOOD transcends mere musical expression and encapsulates the array of emotions that underpin ENHYPEN’s passionate yearning to forge a profound connection with their fans, ENGENEs.

ORANGE BLOOD also incorporates elements from DARK MOON: THE BLOOD ALTAR, the HYBE Original Story webtoon created in collaboration with ENHYPEN. By interweaving the seven members’ personal narratives with that of the album and DARK MOON: THE BLOOD ALTAR, the seven-piece act expands their artistry beyond music, laying the foundation for the next form of entertainment.

Boasting a rich lineup of seven tracks, including “Mortal,” “Sweet Venom,” “Still Monster,” “Blind,” and “Orange Flower (You Complete Me),” ORANGE BLOOD ventures into diverse musical genres, each fitting seamlessly into the album’s overarching narrative. The lead single “Sweet Venom” is a Funk/Pop piece that skillfully and rhythmically conveys the boys’ realization that ‘your’ poison is both sweet and invigorating. The track, presented in three distinct versions – original Korean version, an English version and a collaborative version with pop artist Bella Poarch – highlights the versatility of ENHYPEN’s musical prowess. Notably, member JAY worked alongside the renowned producer Slow Rabbit to craft the lyrics of the Korean version. Upon the release of ORANGE BLOOD, the powerhouse band is set to mark their global presence in the U.S. as well, gearing up to partake in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on November 23.