Milan, November 9th 2023 – We are pleased to announce the EMPORIO ARMANI OUR LEGACY WORK SHOP collection, a collaborative project where inspiration, curation and execution have been shared between the two houses, resulting in a merged world, blending old and new, reworked yet unmistakable silhouettes.

WORK SHOP is the creative and experimental hub of Swedish brand OUR LEGACY, where fabrics and garments are used in innovative ways. Emporio Armani, a ‘container’ with a strong dynamic and metropolitan character, proposes the elegant Armani aesthetic through its signature identity and propensity for constant experimentation and evolution. The synergy between the two brands creates a unique journey channeling decades of histories and parallel futures.

The menswear and unisex collection consists of sharp leather coats, heavy shearling flight jackets, soft tailored suiting and overcoats in bold textured wool fabrics. The shirts’ wide palette spans from crisp stripes to warm plaids to custom artwork prints. Corduroy, denim jeans and heavyweight jersey represent the more casual side of the collection, which is complemented by essential accessories like silk ties, leather gloves and wool berets.

The campaign has been imagined and shot by artist Mark Borthwick while Gustaf Holtenäs illustrated and animated the video. Cats, animals the designer has always had a special relationship with, are the common thread of the project and are featured in both the video and selected pieces of the collection.

EMPORIO ARMANI OUR LEGACY WORK SHOP will be available starting Friday November 17th via OUR LEGACY.COM, OUR LEGACY Stockholm, London and Berlin stores, a special OUR LEGACY pop up in Seoul, EMPORIO ARMANI store in Seoul and DOVER STREET MARKET London, Ginza, New York, Los Angeles and Beijing.

Please visit OURLEGACY.COM for a detailed store list and local opening hours.