Grab your sunglasses, it’s time to dance and groove at the festivals! Festivals are the perfect setting to support your favorite artists and DJs as they tour Europe. To celebrate the kickoff of the festival season, we’ve teamed up with Dr. Martens to create a Festival Guide featuring our favorite Amsterdam-based DJs.

In this second edition, we spotlight three incredible talents: angelboy, Julian Anthony and Monty. Captured by the talented photographer Rebecca Kapenga, they showcase their favorite Dr. Martens boots. We had the chance to sit down with each of them to discuss their upcoming sets, festival rituals, and, of course, their unique fashion styles.


angelboy is a well-adored staple of the Amsterdam queer scene, renowned for their genre-blending mixes and infectious energy. Specializing in combining styles and rhythms, their signature sound focuses on uptempo, booty-shaking beats to uplift and get the crowd moving. They also host a monthly radio show on Amsterdam’s Echobox, where they continue to push musical boundaries and introduce fresh sounds to their audience. Besides dj'ing, angelboy is an educator in gender, sexuality, consent, and speaking up against discrimination.

What's been your most memorable festival experience?

Oof!! So many to choose from. My first time at Dekmantel in 2013 because I fell in love with music and partying. The Whole 2022 stands out because I gained a lot of new close friends. Lentekabinet 2024 was also unforgettable because the sun was shining, I was with my besties, and the Kanaal 40 stage was POPPING.

What track ID are you most excited to drop in your upcoming sets?

Ixxel - drop that beat (dj Chuckie remix)
This is such a crazy banger, a bubbling track with a surprising break. It’s only on CD: Bubbling beats vol 2 from 2003. I love this album so I sent a message to bubbling legend Naffie Kisoen (dj Naffie), a producer I really admire, and he sent it to me. Bubbling is the genre born from the Antillean, Curaçaoan, and Surinamese communities in the late eighties in The Hague. It’s pioneered by DJ Moortje and MC Pester, who started playing dancehall at a faster pace. I love music that has a sexy, groovy, playful energy to it, and bubbling definitely ticks all these boxes for me. I like to surprise with a few bubbling tunes throughout my sets. For anyone diving into this genre, I recommend the tracks by my friend MC Stiko, another bubbling icon!

What's your go-to festival look?

It’s definitely as naked as possible with a good pair of boots and some cute accessoires. Then I layer it up with a leather jacket or something. That way, I'm prepared whether I'm dancing in front of the stage and it's hot as hell, or biking home in our cold, rainy Dutch weather.

Any advice for aspiring festival DJs?

Just play as much as you can and have fun with it. Experiment with different genres and tempos. That’s how you find your unique sound and style. 

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Monty is a dynamic force in the Amsterdam music scene, renowned for his eclectic DJ sets that seamlessly blend diverse genres with a high-energy vibe. With a signature sound that bridges house, techno, and bubbling beats, Monty’s music is a journey through infectious rhythms and pulsating grooves designed to keep the dance floor alive and thriving.

What's been your most memorable festival experience?

It has to be playing the Tweede Kamer stage at Lentekabinet spontaneously in 2022. Many flights were delayed, leaving a gap in the timetable that they asked me to fill. I was still in bed with a hangover from the previous day when they called, so I had 15 minutes to get ready and take a cab to the festival. Forty-five minutes later, I was on stage. Fifteen minutes into the set, it started pouring rain. Luckily, Tweede Kamer was one of the stages with a roof, so it quickly filled up with people seeking shelter. Going from bed straight to playing to two thousand people with no preparation was incredibly memorable.

What are your festival must-haves?

Hearing protection! That’s non-negotiable. You need your ears for life, whether you’re in music or not. Besides that, in the Netherlands, rain gear is a must, along with a hat, sunscreen, some confortable Dr. Martens boots styled with a good pair of Flippen Socks.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Not really, but I like to be around the booth for a bit before the set to get a feel for the vibe. I used to play live music in bands during my youth, but it’s hard to recreate that band circle feeling when you’re on your own.

How do you choose tracks for a festival set?

After last year's experience at Selectors, I realized how different a festival set is from a club set. In a club, I pick up on the existing vibe and gradually morph it into my own. Festival sets are entirely different; people move around more, especially with multiple stages to choose from. That’s why I approach them as my own show and focus less on what others are playing before or after me. I trust the programmer's plan and the slot they've given me.

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Julian Anthony is a fresh new DJ on the Dutch scene who is starting to turn heads. With releases lined up on Prunk’s PIV, Cinthie’s We_R House, and Daniele Temperilli’s Girasole, 2019 is his breakout year as a producer. Julian, known for his distinctive afro, began as a drummer, inspired by the magic of drums and basslines, leading him naturally to house music.

What track are you most excited to drop in your upcoming sets?

DJ Swisha - Club Megamixxx. I discovered this track through Elias Mazian, and it's been on my USB ever since. You will definitely hear me play this track during the summer.

How do you choose tracks for a festival set?

I tend not to prepare too much for gigs lately since you never know what the crowd's energy will be like. I pack my record bag with my favorite records at the moment, depending on my mood and the timeslot I'm playing.

What's the best festival crowd you've ever played for?

Probably Planet Paradigm Festival last year. The energy of the crowd was incredible, and the record players felt very smooth, making it a delight to play there.

What's your favorite way of styling your Dr. Martens boots for a festival?

There are so many ways to style Dr. Martens as they're so versatile. For a festival, I would wear them with over-knee shorts, high white socks, a basic white or black t-shirt, and a nice shirt on top.

Any advice for aspiring festival DJs?

Be your authentic self and aim for longevity instead of being an overnight success.

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editor & interview MARIE-PAULINE CESARI