Elise Massoni, a luminous figure in the ever-shifting French techno soundscape, has unveiled her much-anticipated EP, “10FT CHAOS”. 

Lauded for her forward-thinking, high-octane techno endeavors, she has graced the world’s most renowned venues, from the sacred halls of Berghain in Berlin to the iconic Fabric in London and has established herself as a prolific producer with releases on esteemed labels such as XX LAB, Mama Told Ya, TemeT, and Man Band, further cementing her status as a visionary ascending through the ranks of electronic music. 

“10FT CHAOS” marks a significant turning point and a pivotal phase in Elise Massoni’s musical trajectory. A showcase to Massoni’s exceptional artistic versatility, skillfully uniting club-centric rhythms with intricately woven textures and captivating vocal arrangements that are emblematic of her unique style. Drawing inspiration from influential figures like Arca and Amnesia Scanner, this EP embarks on a compelling musical journey, delving into the intricate realms of depression, escapism, and the magnetic allure of mania. It pays tribute to those enigmatic individuals who embody the fusion of brilliance and chaos. 

Each track in this EP serves as a testament to the artist’s tenacity and creative spirit, weaving a compelling narrative of her transformative journey and emotional depth. The introductory track, “I Wish” delves into introspection with its off-kilter electronic drum weaving a captivating sonic tapestry. “BOYS” emerges as a dancefloor standout, a housey techno gem crafted for voguing, seamlessly blending rhythm and emotion, adorned by Massoni’s haunting vocal loop. 

The journey takes a contemplative turn with “Memento,” a fast-paced, trance-infused track offering profound insights into the intricacies of the human psyche, while “Mazzerri” captures the whirlwind intensity of a manic phase with its rapid-fire bassline and an unrelenting 4/4 drumbeat. 

Much like “I must admit” and “BOYS,” this EP embodies a spirit of rebellion and an unapologetic pursuit of desires. The title track, “10FT CHAOS,” stands as Elise Massoni’s most remarkable offering to date – a potent and evocative techno creation where the interplay of pads and vocals achieves a perfect equilibrium. It symbolizes liberation and empowerment in the face of inner turmoil, envisioning a world marked by balance and self-awareness. The EP concludes with “Polyballad,” a meticulously crafted electronic ballad that resonates with profound themes of grief and unwavering resilience. 

With her distinctive style, commanding vocals, and impeccable production acumen, Elise Massoni’s release is poised to capture the hearts of electronic music enthusiasts. It’s a testament to her unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of sonic artistry and her dedication to creating music that transcends the confines of the ordinary.

Because I couldn’t find the right words to explain how it feels to be the ‘concentrate – non assumed’ face of a human being. Its pure version with no filter, an unlimited and dangerous one but still so far beautiful. Only the half cray-cray half genius can understand that. Being locked down in a mental institution truly feels like being the strong and painful light that must be turned off to protect others’ eyes. But mostly just the order in itself, the cave, where our society is built in. Because it is through our cracked minds that you will always see the light. So hard to contain.

Elise Massoni

photography MEHDI LACOSTE