Lyrically called “The Enchanted Serenade”, ELIE SAAB Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2024 collection embrace a soft melody rising from an enchanted world. Channeling the spirit of a goddess among the stars, ELIE SAAB harmonizes opulent textures and majestic airs to compose its newest creation

The sleek silhouettes grace the runway in a captivating spectacle of abstract motifs, luxurious fabrics dripping in shimmering beads and elaborate bustiers. Soft velvet tinted of ocean blue glisten under the light. While this entrancing tale evolve into a cascade of ruby organza waving into voluminous mermaid tales, Black satin creates blossoming lapels whose layers reminding of us the matryoshka dolls. Pink feathers adorn the neckline to bring old-Hollywood glamour to the whole. 

A gorgeous deep aubergine purple brings a layer of mystery and drama while men garments conjure a Japanese influence with kimono inspired long coats. The last movement of the collection brings a beacon of light to the runway, with silver sequins glowing in a nightly ombré, evoking the beaming light of the moon. Nude illusion makes the body look like a precious jewel, and the vision vanishes into a haze of cream lace, only leaving the indelible memory of her beauty behind.