Enveloped in an air OF NOIR AND NUIT, the Elie Saab woman is always in the spotlight of bold glamour and defiant poise. She brings feminine enigma into luminescence in Elie Saab Prefall 2023. 

The collection of dark and sophisticated expressions invokes captivating allure, lavish opulence, and sheer power into the present moment. Vivid strokes of saturated colour add wisps of brilliance to strong silhouettes in dominant shades of black. Ever-charming and elegant, the Elie Saab woman is glamorously dramatic throughout the day in oversized and angular faux-fur vests and jackets. Plush black velvet exquisitely layers with dazzling sequins and delicate lace, one on top of the other. 

The lush material intricately come together into sumptuous halter-neck jumpsuits and long A-symmetrical mermaid gowns that glitz and glam like the depths of midnight. Essential Elie Saab crepe cady cocktail dresses and contour-hugging gowns extend into voluminous, off-the-shoulder swirls. The voluminous embellishments are balanced out with striking cut-outs and the quintessential cinched waist. 

The Prefall 2023 collection radiates and shines into the noirs of night, like the audacious, yet subtly mysterious Elie Saab woman, who forever glistens with glamour.