For the first time, Elhanati launches new collection, X Man at this November. X is handcrafted in 24K Gold-coated Sterling Silver in the Copenhagen atelier and is coated 3 times for a long life. Three malachite pieces will be available exclusively at

Elhanati MAN X, draws on strong parallels between the Scandi minimalistic style and Elhanati’s Middle Eastern mystical universe. Featuring symbols from Elhanati’s previous collections, the sleek chains add character and feature a strong, powerful yet minimalistic expression for easy-to-wear men’s jewellery.

About Orit Elhanati, designer:

I have been creating jewellery for men since I started in 2011. I have never had the need to do  men’s as I have been working from a unisex approach, we have always seen men ‘stealing’ their girlfriends and wives jewellery and vice versa. After much demand we launched our new jewellery men’s collection last year, and it was natural for me to continue X for men on a larger canvas. I used my signature symbols such as the rocks from the Sinai desert and the Malachite stone that is known to protect the bearer. For me it is a question of attitude, a question of using jewellery as something that makes a statement. It becomes of a part of your every day wardrobe, but also something that you can use for that special occasion. I love beautifying the bearer, and the X collection for me is somewhat a tribute to that raw, sexy personal expression. I love the old flashy jewellery statement from the 70ies and 80ies, but this collection is more something that becomes a part of the man’s everyday attire. I want the bearer to have a natural connection with the piece, to fall in love with the piece.