The world’s first Eichholtz flagship store has opened in the striking national monument at the head of Amsterdam’s P.C. Hooftstraat in collaboration with Decor Amsterdam. From the stately building, the chic, constantly changing, and stocked collection collection comes to life, bringing Eichholtz Amsterdam experience and grandeur back into retail.

Eichholtz has traditionally focused on retail sales with a wide range of high-end furniture, lighting and accessories. Within Decor Amsterdam’s range, the brand played a major role for many years and in 2020, the two brands jointly opened the first Dutch Eichholtz shop on the Overtoom.

Based on the ambition to open Eichholtz flagship stores worldwide, Eichholtz and Decor Amsterdam have joined forces again. In the monumental building overlooking the Rijksmuseum, the impressive Eichholtz Amsterdam has been realised.

“Slowly but surely, many iconic shops have disappeared from the capital’s streetscape. Landmarks that give a face to the city, as you still have in Paris, London and New York. Eichholtz Amsterdam brings new élan. We do so not only with an innovative retail concept but also through high-profile events. P.C. Hooftstraat 1 is the place where everything comes together,” says Thomas Schuchard, owner of Decor Amsterdam and the driving force behind Eichholtz Amsterdam Edwin van der Gun, Chief Creative Officer of Eichholtz: “Iconic and inspiring are the keywords of this beautiful Eichholtz Experience Store in the Museumkwartier in Amsterdam-Zuid. With the vision of Thomas and his team, everything falls into place.”

Spread over three floors, Eichholtz Amsterdam brings grandeur. The collection that changes several times a year makes every visit a new voyage of discovery. From its majestic premises, Eichholtz Amsterdam also picks up the role of tastemaker, whether it is complete furnishings or accessories.

Interior professionals can, also together with their customers, find inspiration in the shop. In addition, Eichholtz Amsterdam itself has a modern design studio. Complete projects are realised in consultation with clients, from residential to commercial spaces. Schuchard: “The time you spend at home is valuable. That is where you recharge. Eichholtz Amsterdam brings Eichholtz’s latest collections together in one inspiring location, an experience for anyone who also likes to immerse themselves in aesthetics and elegance at home.”