For the Spring/Summer 2024 season, Edward Cuming embraces the creative process of re-decoration, infusing his collection with intuitive decisions and fearless risks. The campaign, shot by Cristina Stohle in an empty home, portrays a young couple exploring various creative paths to fill their new space, reflecting a stage in life where instinct guides choices, transitioning from punk-inspired aesthetics to sophisticated nocturnal allure in a fleeting moment.

This sense of daring decision-making and bold risk-taking resonates throughout the collection, playing with concepts of inversion, embracing imperfections, and boldly challenging contemporary wardrobe norms.

The collection features rigid canvas men’s tailoring, a hybrid bomber & M65 jacket with oversized raglan sleeves, sequined bras, and lightweight knit dresses. Screen-printed and dyed & distressed jerseys add a touch of edginess, while the versatile Belmonte cross-body leather bag complements the ensemble. The offering celebrates the brand’s buoyant attitude, incorporating a vibrant mix of colors, floral prints, stripes, and textures. Tongue-in-cheek elements like girly brooches, sequins, heavily embellished belts, and knitted or printed ruffles adorn knits, tailoring, pants, and jerseys.

Fabric choices are thoughtfully curated, featuring Japanese cotton, chiffons, and satins, along with Italian wools and linens, and floral georgettes and air flow tussle satins. The addition of leathers from the Spanish Ubrique region adds a luxurious touch to the ensemble.

Continuing their partnership, the collection also includes shoes made in collaboration with Adam Signature, a Reggio Emilia-based dancer, painter, and skilled shoemaker. The handmade and imperfect shoe designs add a distinctive touch to the collection.