With yet another great season of menswear shows behind us, we reflect on the collections we’ve seen on the runways or during presentations. With hopes to inspire, here are some of our favourite trends we would love to bring to your attention.


by THORE DAMWERTH, Fashion & Music Editor

What began as a cheeky wave in women’s wear, spearheaded by Miu Miu and Lotta Volkova’s styling, has now sashayed over to men’s fashion with a vengeance. The no pants trend was absolutely indispensable on most of the SS25 runways.

Underwear has been front and centre for several seasons now, and designers like Ludovic de Saint Sernin and Louis Gabriel Nouchi have turned the sensual into the sensational. Even avant-garde Ann Demeulemeester and whimsical JW Anderson couldn’t resist. But SS25? It’s underwear extravaganza at its peak.

For their second-ever Paris runway show, 032c presented a daring vision with wide-cut undershorts paired with a leather jacket and boots, all in their signature black. Wales Bonner went bold with speedos in every shade of red, both complementing and contrasting her knitwear and outerwear. While Acne Studios added a fierce touch with leopard-print undies, GmbH showcased classic white briefs and a bow-adorned version for the adventurous. Magliano saw potential in pairing briefs with blazers, and Prototypes layered boxer shorts with leggings for a multi-dimensional look. Also David Koma injected some sex appeal into his Milan menswear debut with leather briefs.

Comfortable and liberating, this trend is redefining chic. While the streets may yet to fully embrace it, SS25 proves that when it comes to style, less truly is more.



The fusion of high fashion and sports has never been more apparent than this season. This season, we saw all the cool boys wearing football and basketball tees strolling around Paris streets , it’s hard to ignore their impact on fashion. Football and basketball jerseys have made a stunning debut on the catwalk as well, with luxury fashion houses like Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga showcasing their takes on these once-practical items. 

Does the current Euro Football Championship inspire designers? Pharrell Williams’ designs for Louis Vuitton featured bold football shirts emblazoned with the iconic logo, while a bomber jacket crafted from an innovative material resembling rubber balls added a touch of drama to the show. Meanwhile, Y-3’s latest show brought together the worlds of sport and fashion, blending functional designs with high-fashion sensibilities. 

Moreover, it wasn’t just sportswear brands that got in on the action – luxury fashion houses like Balenciaga brought basketball inspired shirts in black shiny sporty jerseys to the couture show, a far cry from their practical origins. The tee features hand embroidered logos on the sleeves and an embroidered crest patch under the neckline.

Once confined to die-hard supporters and stadium-goers, these jerseys have made their way into the wardrobes of stylish cool individuals on the streets – and it’s fast becoming a staple of the season. The trend is no longer confined to the streets only, where streetwear enthusiasts have been embracing football and basketball jerseys for years. With its runway debut, it’s clear that this trend is here to stay – and we’re loving every minute of it.


by MAGDALENA ROE, Fashion & Music Editor

This season, designers like Shayne Oliver, Rick Owens, JW Anderson, and GmbH embraced bold shapes and dramatic collars, creating a look that’s both rebellious and refined. As if you’d throw on a uniform that gives you this certain kind of attitude and extravaganza. Shayne Oliver’s collection epitomises this trend with its large, and bold ensembles featuring dresses and layered hoods. 

The signature look involves collars and shoulder lines transforming into striking hooded designs, with oversized scarves incorporated into jackets to create a sculpted volume that contrasts with more fitted silhouettes below. The collection also showcases puffer vests with injected volume and elegantly draped garments, seamlessly merging into more structured fabrics. 

Rick Owens upholds his legacy of bold shoulder designs and sculptural shapes, showcasing hooded robes. His models, resembling a regiment of avant-garde warriors, paraded through Paris in futuristic outfits featuring prominent shoulder accents. The denim capes, made from Japanese fabric, bring a rugged, combative edge to the lineup. As we are used to seeing from the upcycling brand Prototypes, challenging conventional silhouettes with innovative designs featuring oversized collars and jerseys worn over the head. The outcome is a blend of multiple fabric layers combined with sportswear elements and hoods. Each piece is draped and wrapped unconventionally, creating an intentionally unfinished and raw aesthetic that pushes the boundaries of traditional fashion. JW Anderson brings a playful twist to contemporary silhouettes, evident in his quilted coats that resemble cozy duvet covers, oversized bombers layered with leather sweatshirts, and big ruffled jackets, reflecting Anderson’s ability to combine comfort with design. Meanwhile, GmbH’s lineup showcases blazers with hoods inspired by boxers’ gowns, enhancing the rebellious vibe and resulting in a collection that balances both style and functionality.



It’s not a specific length of sleeves or where the trousers sit on your waist. It is the overall aesthetic that has made its way into many fashion houses and at least for this season has had a prominent seat at the table. When I reviewed Maison Margiela’s Artisanal show created by John Galliano, I said it would go down in history. Now, one season later, we can see that Galliano’s work is more than just relevant. It has become a trendsetting turning point in fashion.

And while many still doubted whether Galliano deserves a second chance, the premiere of ‘High & Low’ might’ve just done the trick. The documentary covers Galliano’s years at Dior and John Galliano, leading up to the incident, which cost him his job at Dior. After years of speculation, we were served a confession by John himself, talking about the pressure of the industry and multiple addictions he was struggling with at the time. All that accompanied by testimonies from fashion icons like Anna Wintour, Naomi Campbell or Kate Moss. 

Galliano is a genius, there is no doubt about that. His work — be that at his namesake label, Givenchy or Dior, and now at Maison Margiela — is a constant reminder what kind of beauty can be achieved in fashion. John is an artist that can move the entire industry, and that’s exactly what he did with the last Margiela show. 

Deconstructed, experimental, sensually erotic, imaginative and above all unapologetically Frenchly decadent. Fashion entered a new era. After years of commercially driven collections comes a rebellion, his name is Galliano. With a single collection he brings renaissance to fashion and reminds everyone we are allowed to dream, and create from our wildest fantasies.

Those who get it, get it, those who don’t, don’t. But many designers seem to have gotten the message and let their full potential roam free.  Let’s make it perfectly clear, I am not saying that brands copied Galliano. But there is no denying that his collection served as an inspiration for many.

Some took on the playfulness of the accessories, others experimented with construction and fabrics. Pushing silhouettes out of its typical proportions and rethinking forgotten garments that made their comeback under the Pont d’Alexandre III.  Some just embraced the Frenchness of it all but most importantly, everyone returned to this season a reborn artist. 

I don’t know what Galliano brings next but without a doubt, it will be yet another masterclass on how to keep the dreamlike side of fashion alive. 



This season, the old-new micro trend of layering pants is making waves on runways and streets alike. From denim to trousers, layering is redefining how we wear our bottoms. How many layers are too many? According to A$AP Rocky, there’s no such thing! His debut AWGE collection at Paris Fashion Week featured oversized silhouettes and multi-layered pants, showcasing his unique style and setting a bold trend.

3PARADIS’ Spring/Summer 2025 collection also wowed with jeans held up by six “P”-branded belts, proving there are no limits to layering. These fresh takes remind us of Balenciaga’s viral seven-layer parka and “sagging” sweatpants from 2021.

Looking ahead, I’m betting this trend is going to blow up in 2025. I’m already figuring out how to rock it myself—whether it’s layering denim skirts like KC Vanish or styling boxers like A$AP Rocky. Get ready to embrace the layered look and make a statement this season. In the fashion world, more is definitely more!