Maeden partners with Carole Baijings, Kate Hume, Scheltens & Abbenes and Ronald van der Kemp.

This spring, the Dutch luxury brand Maeden launched. Each season, the bag label invites designers to share their view of modern classics. A series of visionary designers joined Maeden for the new collection: Carole-Baijings, Kate Hume, Ronald van der Kemp and the duo Scheltens & Abbenes. ‘Their view on color, design and fashion is completely unique,’ explains founder and creative director Christian Heikoop. “By innovating, these designers define what is timeless. That’s why they suit us so well.”

Carole Baijings
Carole Baijings’ bold color combinations bear her unmistakable signature. Her impressive oeuvre testifies to flawless intuition, in-depth knowledge of the industry and more than a touch of perfectionism.

Kate Hume
Kate Hume’s design is full of joie de vivre, without sacrificing any elegance. “There’s something addictive about her interior designs,” Christian says. “I don’t know anyone who works so eclectically, yet so subtle at the same time.”

Scheltens & Abbenes
Photography duo Maurice Scheltens and Liesbeth Abbenes make the everyday exceptional with their still lifes. They know better than anyone how to bring objects to life. With a razor-sharp eye for detail, Scheltens & Abbenes create thoroughly modern compositions.

Ronald van der Kemp
Fashion designer Ronald van der Kemp has been bringing spontaneity to Haute Couture for over 25 years. In his words: “A bag is alive and is not meant to just dangle from someone’s arm.” Ronald does not believe in perfection – design must be malleable and able to lead a life of its own.

Maeden will continue to work closely with the Dutch tannery Vitelco for the new collection. Together they create leather types for each design that enable the translation from concept to product. The sustainable approach and complete traceability of the leather are an important part of the craftsmanship behind the luxury brand’s products.

On November 8, Maeden organized a showcase for the complete collection. The process behind Maeden’s first collection in collaboration with David Laport, Tijmen Smeulders, Julia Bocanet, and Mae Engelgeer was shown, as well as the first steps taken with the new collaborations. Christian: “We showed how Maeden distinguishes itself within the industry through a unique design process. The completely individual view of the designers we work with keeps us sharp.’

The next collection will be released in the autumn of 2023 and will be available in stores and on