Aptly named ‘DURAN-SKI,’ Amsterdam and Paris-based design label Duran Lantink’s A/W24 collection is a conceptual take on the lifestyle of leisure surrounding the luxury winter sport.

Lantink’s skiers prefer to glide from the slopes straight into après ski mode, where power-dressing meets play. True to the brand’s conscious approach, the sumptuous leather, sheepskin and velvet in the collection is sourced from a mix of deadstock and vintage garments, while sustainable new materials like recycled lycra and wool, present an opportunity for the brand to scale responsibly.

The brand’s exploration into shape and form has now become its signature, with knitwear and outerwear taking volume to the extreme. In a collaboration with Netherlands-based Knitwear Lab, yarns are spun into shoulder-bulging bodysuits and unitards, a series of spliced spencers, and thigh-high socks, inspired by those worn by Dutch firemen in the 1970’s.

As for outerwear, there is ample variety. The ubiquitous puffer jacket is reassembled into cropped twinsets from repurposed ski coats, shearling jackets are fashioned from discarded sheepskin and paired with matching shaved boots. The brand occasionally still plays with hybrid design, with vintage Loewe and Margiela pieces forming a basis for new shapes; a sloping leather bomber and padded hot pants.

While exaggeration remains an important part of the brand’s vocabulary, definition and clean cuts can be added to its repertoire, as evidenced in sharply tailored suits and jackets. The power forms of the 80’s are reinterpreted in Lantink’s way, with wide, forward-facing shoulders as a focal point.

Wearability is also at the forefront, while staying true to the brand’s experimental nature. “This season was about shaping the forms to give them the idea of being wearable,” says Lantink. “I want to create essential items that are unexpected.”