It is thus a voyage into the Norwegian seafarer culture he grew up in. The collection’s starting point was Dundas, newly a father’s, rediscovery of photos depicting his family’s close connection with the sea. His father’s time as an officer in the Navy, his aunt, one of the world’s first female naval telegraphists, several uncles who were ship captains and even his father’s youngest brother who ran away at sea at 14 years old.

The collection is a melange of great coats, capes and structured tailoring — offset with ultra feminine bias cut dresses often transparent revealing delicate lingerie underpinnings. Knitwear is also prominent taking inspiration from the designer’s Grandmother’s hand-knitted fair isle jumpers he grew up loving.

The jewelry, created in a collaboration with Raven Kauffman, recalls hardware on sailboats and are all in handcrafted brass. The collection’s focus on tailoring, as well as longer silhouettes is a more elegant approach to the DUNDAS Woman’s wardrobe evolving its reach both in offer and diverseness.