It has only been two months since British Nigerian musician and afrobeats rising star DumomiTheJig burst onto the scene with his explosive debut single ‘Anticipating’, and he continued his stellar start with last month’s viral track ‘Fantasy’. In those two months, DumomiTheJig has already amassed two million global streams between ‘Anticipating’ and ‘Fantasy’, while also garnering critical acclaim from afrobeats tastemakers Pulse Nigeria, The Beat Lagos, WeTalkSound, and The 49th Street, among others. For his third offering in as many months, DumomiTheJig is excited to unveil the glorious afrobeats and amapiano fusion single ‘Maria’ featuring the Queen of afrohouse herself, Niniola.

Out now via Adult Global Nation, ‘Maria’ sees DumomiTheJig collaborating with two-time Grammy Award nominee Niniola, and enigmatic Nigerian producer Black Culture, who has also worked with afrobeats royalty Wande Coal and Tekno, to bring to life his infectious afropiano track, which emphasizes showing your intentions of love with actions rather than words. The track also comes with a lush music video that turns the song’s central theme of intention into a cinematic masterpiece. Shot on location in London, the video was directed by VisualsByLuminous (Wizkid, BNXN), with executive production coming from Visionnaire Pictures’ George Guise (Ms Banks, Aitch, Nafe Smallz).

Not to sound cliché or anything like that, but everything I wrote on ‘Maria’ is something I had experienced in my last relationship. This song is about constantly trying to prove your love, loyalty, and genuine intentions to an insatiable lover, which – from my experience – can be very draining, I can’t lie. The creative process for the song was a bit different from my other songs. I made the track with Niniola specifically in mind as someone I wanted to collaborate with on the song, and while I was out of town, my label set up a session with her for her to bless the track. I was very surprised and grateful, because I told the label I’d love to get Niniola on the track, but seeing it come to fruition was just too amazing.”

DumomiTheJig on the inspiration behind ‘Maria’

Recommended if you like the sounds of Rema or Fireboy DML, DumomiTheJig is a dynamic artist whose roots are deeply embedded in the vibrant culture of Ikeja in Lagos where he was born, and the limitless city of London where he currently resides. Coming from a family rich in diverse professional talents, DumomiTheJig grew up in an environment steeped in music. His father’s passion for the piano greatly influenced him, igniting a love for music that Dumomi carries with him to this day. Noteworthy for his musical versatility, Dumomi is a rapper, singer, producer, and video editor – a testament to years of unwavering dedication to his craft. His journey in music can be traced back to as far as 2008, a clear indication of his longstanding commitment to his art. His dedication to his art and the unique fusion of his talents firmly establish him as an artist poised for great success in the global music landscape.

We sat down with DumomiTheJig and dived into his hit ‘Maria,’ from the unique collaboration with Niniola to the personal relationship themes explored, and got an inside look at the creative process behind the cinematic music video and more.

What inspired the collaboration with Niniola on ‘Maria,’ and what was it like working with her?

The collaboration with Niniola on ‘Maria’ was inspired by her unique musical Afro house style and the desire to create a fusion of our sounds. Working with her was an incredible experience and I would definitely do it again, God willing.

What exact themes from personal experiences in relationships did you explore in ‘Maria’?

‘Maria’ draws from personal experiences in relationships, exploring themes of love, loyalty, and the challenges of proving genuine intentions. It highlights the emotions tied to expressing love and affection in a relationship, a narrative many people can relate to.

Can you share insights into the creative process behind the cinematic music video for ‘Maria’?

The creative process for the ‘Maria’ music video was a collaborative effort. We aimed to visually represent the emotions expressed in the song. The cinematic approach involved storytelling through clean visuals, capturing the essence of the story and the music.

How do the diverse influences of Lagos and London shape your musical style?

Although I try not to be bound by my environment, Lagos and London have a heavy influence on my sound. Lagos infuses storytelling and cultural richness in my sound, while London contributes diversity and a global perspective. The combination allows me to create music that bridges different worlds.

And how has your family background and your father’s influence on the piano shaped your musical journey?

My family background, particularly my father’s dedication to playing the piano, has had a deep impact on my artistry. It instilled in me a deep appreciation for music, shaping the way I approach and create music.

How do you balance being a rapper, singer, producer, and video editor in your artistic expression?

Balancing roles as a rapper, singer, producer, and video editor is a dynamic process. Each role informs the others, contributing to a holistic artistic expression. It allows me to have a hands-on approach to my creative projects, ensuring a cohesive and authentic outcome.

Any more upcoming projects you can already talk about?

Yes, there are exciting upcoming projects in the pipeline. While I can’t reveal all the details just yet, you can anticipate more collaborations, diverse musical explorations, and immersive storytelling in the projects to come. Stay tuned for announcements in the near future!