22 January

Dries Van Noten presented his Men's Autumn-Winter 2021-2022 Collection



Dressing for our days. A fresh, new-fashioned, take on the familiar. Time-honoured and cherished key elements of the Dries Van Noten wardrobe are designed to subtly heighten their essence and purpose. Emphasis is brought to a tender expression of intimate emotion and feel. The values of sportswear and a formal wardrobe interchange. A study of sensation and the reassurance a garment may offer. Quietly sublimated neutral tones and forms. Feel over effect, function over ornamentation. An abstinence from artifice. Reassuring, unassuming, fun. Whispering precision, purity abstracted, subtly lavish, calm and open, spare, informal, unceremonious, substance with little posture, tactile, fundamental, uncontrived, luxurious, current.



A tonal spectrum. Archetypal neutrals. Muted to fresh, subdued to optimistic, soft to vibrant. Acid and alkaline. Flesh, fawn, plum, gold, mint, sage, pinks, petrol, purple, saffron, ochre, camel, russet, sky, khaki, lemon, coffee. indigo, mustard, dusty pink, coral, anthracite, navy, jet black, cement, ecru, chocolate.



Inspired by traditional tie motifs, a take on scarf prints, zodiac signs, checks, pinstripes revisited, classic shirt stripes, printed denim.



Modern comfort. A play on weight, light, aspect, transparency, touch and even sound. Matt and shine, light reflected. Subtly lavish, Traditional modernity. Washed casual to formal. Ultralight nylon brushed and crisp cottons, distorted poplins, satin, nylon, men’s suiting. Modern and traditional. Twin layer T-shirts. Continued support of traditional mills, fabrics from around the globe.



Soft to sharp structures. Elegant slender volumes contrast with the oversize, ample and easy. Sumptuous. Classic tailoring. Layering and wrapping. Familiar and unassuming. Cropped and elongated. Academic, substantial, long, ease, loose. Slits to sides of formal and casual garments. Cropped ankle lengths. Multi layered and padded to fabrics in a single layer. Pleated high waist trousers can be worn low. Oversize car coats. Trousers from easy and wide to a more strict drainpipe.



Dries Van Noten monogramed metal ring as signature decoration and function. The Dries Van Noten Fat Baby bag for boys now with its padded form inspiring soft structured shoes and sandals. A twist to classic shoes, fusing the spirit of the sporty, rustic, and urbane. Elongated elegant forms are exaggerated and refined. Totes and leather pouches in printed leathers, High-tech moccasins. Nylon back packs sport futuristic prints. Bucket hats in padded nylon. Knit legwarmers seem like boots.