This year’s lineup from Draaimolen festival is by far the most adventurous lineup in the festival’s history, the programming includes contemporary favourites such as Skrillex, LSDXOXO, Anetha, SHERELLE, James Holden, and the legendary comeback of Sandwell District after a 12 year long hiatus. Staying true to the Draaimolen ethos, this all star lineup also heavily features emerging talent from scenes across the world. From gqom trailblazer DJ Lag to the grime powerhouse Blackhaine, the diverse program refuses to be constrained by region, era or genre.

Draaimolen has become widely praised in recent years for its unconventional approach as a music festival. In an increasingly competitive and saturated market, Draaimolen remains 100% independent and non profit. With seasoned curators behind the lineup, each of the 6 stages is pushing a unique sound into wild, unfamiliar terrain.

The Mainstage will be taken over by Job Jobse and his beloved Strangelove party. Eris Drew and Octo Octa will return for a second year at the Forest Rave, hosting a party with close friends, and pure euphoria. Nous’klaer Audio are once again curating Aura, and Blawan returns, but this time to plunge The Pit into new depths together with Pariah, who he runs the Voam imprint with. New to the team is Nene H who will be hosting The Tunnel with her exciting new label Umay on the first day of the festival.

With each year, the festival has cultivated an immersive, intimate environment where artists have felt a unique freedom to take risks with their craft. From debuting live shows, unexpected b2bs and lineups that are never constrained by genre or brand, Draaimolen has become a true haven for electronic music enthusiasts. With sets from Blawan b2b Skrillex, Mala b2b Darwin, James Ruskin b2b Julie and live performances from Enyang Ha, Slikback, Giant Swan and Octo Octa among many others, this year’s edition is on course to be one of the most exciting festivals in Europe.

Those who visited previous editions will be assured a new experience while wandering the forest. Behind each stage is a team of trusted visual artists who push the production to new heights. From New York to Eindhoven, talent from all over the world will be attracted to help create the perfect symbiosis of art, nature and music.

Draaimolen Festival takes place at the MOB Complex in Tilburg, The Netherlands on September 8th and 9th. You can now check out the full lineup and buy tickets on the website.