Dr. Martens x MadeMe collaborated and designed a shoe that is the must have for every-cool girl. The playful design features a silver steel toe exposed through a heart shaped cut out on a chunky 1461 Quad shoe. The shoes are available in black and silver. 

For the campaign of the open-heart shoe, Dr.Martens and MadeMe partnered up with Lola Young, a London-based artist and vocal de force tour.

Unapologetic, fearless, authentic. The femme-forward, straight-talking “it girl” type who serves as a muse for founder Erin Magee is frequently spotted in a pair of Doc’s boots, with an undefinable attitude that makes her at home in the world of both brands. For the campaign, this mood is personified by London-based singer-songwriter Lola Young, whose raw charm and punchy, versatile voice embody the take-it-or-leave-it mindset of the quintessential MadeMe girl. 

The NYC-based brand MadeMe had its breakthrough with their FW17 campaign in which Princess Nokia was featured. From then on, MadeMe was coined as the choice for cool-girls everywhere! Now, their collaboration with Dr. Martens is an undeniable crossover in spirit. The perfect match as they are rooted in subculture to create unique, fresh and playful designs for all of us.

“I’ve always wanted to work on a steel toe DM’s shoe. The heart cut-out leather exposing the steel toe is as tough and utilitarian as it is soft. It’s a beautiful contradiction, just like the MadeMe girl.”

Erin Magee, MadeMe Founder 

Since launching the women’s streetwear label MadeMe in 2007, Magee has transformed it into a ubiquitous New York brand and an inclusive community that occupies a still-revolutionary space in the male-dominated streetwear industry. Magee’s “for girls, by girls” ethos continues to champion women against the backdrop of a scene where they are historically underrepresented. Dr. Martens, whose boots and shoes have been at the feet of a long line of riot grrrl disruption, makes a natural partner for MadeMe as it continues its tradition of rebellion. 

“I’ve known Erin for a long time, so it was great to finally bring this collaboration to life. In a lot of ways our collaboration was inevitable. MadeMe occupies that same rebellious space in women’s fashion that DM’s boots always have. It was great to put a spin on that heritage for a new generation.”

Darren Mckoy, Dr. Martens Global Creative Director 

The 1461 3-eye shoe is built on the formidable Quad sole, marked with Dr. Martens grooving pattern and signature yellow welt stitching. It’s available in black Vintage Smooth leather with black laces or silver Alumix with purple laces. Both colours are fitted with a steel toe cap with a heart-shaped cut-out — for industrial edge with a softer twist. Dual branding appears on the heel and insock. 

Dr. Martens opened a new store location on Kalverstraat 115, Amsterdam, unveiling a fresh retail experience featuring a complete range of their silhouettes, from iconic models to new releases. The 108m² space, designed by Studio OL3, includes artwork by Dutch artist Floor van het Nederend and stays true to Dr. Martens’s signature yellow and black colour palette, oak flooring, and warm lighting.

Dr. Martens x MadeMe available from Friday 24th May at drmartens.com, Dover Street Market, Ssense and other select global retailers.