Strength has been engrained in Dr. Martens since the boots first rolled off the production line in 1960. Made Strong — with durability and resilience stitched into every footstep. Their footwear was adopted and worn loud: made to work, dance and play. A subcultural heritage built by workers, musicians, and activists whose legacy empowers new wearers to feel stronger every time they lace up and walk out the door.

DR. MARTENS boots and shoes are still Made Strong. But a new generation of wearers is rebuilding what strength means for them in a changing world. No longer closed-off or tough. Now fluid, creative, and inclusive. Defined by open communities and relentless optimism. The courage to make change and find power in vulnerability. The rebellion in radical self-expression. 

Launching in October, Made Strong celebrates the resilience at the heart of the brand — stitched into footwear and brought to life by DR. MARTENS wearers. They have brought together a global community for a snapshot of 14 vibrant stories about what strength means today and how the next generation shapes the world around them.

Defined by open communities and relentless optimism, we hear Motherlan, Niko Rubio, Xiuhtezcatl, Nene, Geethika, Daragh, Saskia, Chloe, Oduenyi, Maggie, H, Milo, Pasqualina, and Seungwoo.

“Strength is often framed as something that’s harnessed individually. Much more of how I’ve experienced and understood strength is through community. Power is built through collective action. Through collective imagination. Through collective liberation.”


In London, New York, and Tokyo DM’s will celebrate the collective strength of their global communities — a showcase for the creative potential of a generation whose self-expression isn’t restrained by stereotypes and conventions.