16 December

Dr. Martens Talking Tough podcast: In conversation with the role models of our time


Dr.Martens is back with new episodes of the Talking Tough (UK) podcast.This time we present a special mini-series, recorded live from Rotterdam in the Netherlands.Hosted by writer Jill Mathon, journalist Bo Hanna and former night mayor of Amsterdam Shamiro van der Geld, each episode sheds light on topics ranging from community building, activism and self-expression in the form of art.They talk to the role models of our time: Massih Hutak, Tim Wes and Naomie Pieter.Talking Tough is a podcast about game changers that deserves to be heard more.In this mini-series, the hosts go into depth with our guests per episode.From gentrification to art as a form of resistance, and from Black queer love to spirituality.Today the first episode was launched with artist and writer Massih Hutak, which can be heard on Spotify and watched on YouTube.You can expect these episodes:



15/12 Episode 1: THIS LAND IS FOR EVERYONE | Massih Hutak


In the first episode of this Talking Tough miniseries, Jill, Bo and Shamiro talk to Massih Hutak about community building, creative initiatives and preserving authentic cultures.Massih is a rapper, father writer and columnist.Originally from Afghanistan, but raised in Amsterdam Noord, he talks about integration as a two-way street and the worldwide threat of gentrification.He recently published his first book about this: 'You have not discovered us.We have always been here. 'On behalf of Massih, Dr.Martens paid a sum of money to the Food Bank.They support people and fight against poverty by putting together and issuing food packages.Want to know more about the organization?Look here: amsterdam.voedselbank.org The episode with Massih can already be heard via Spotify from today: click here to listen immediately!


LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5E0x09xBLPNfUADwcr4n7k?si=brWKp3GxTAuli7Tm_NrF7Q#login



22/12 Episode 2: MUSIC MEANS IDENTITY | Tim Wes


In this episode we take a look at the soul of Tim Wes.As an independent musician and multi-disciplinary artist, he often ran into stuck systems and boxes in his career.Looking at the intersection with identity and individualism, in the second episode of this Talking Tough miniseries, the jazz and R&B artist tells Jill, Bo and Shamiro about pressure in the music industry, art as an act of defiance and the struggle for new forms.of creativity.On behalf of Tim, Dr.Martens paid a sum of money to the MAEH Foundation.This organization offers development opportunities in the form of music lessons, art and language for young people in Rotterdam.Want to know more about the organization?Look here: https://maeh.eu/This episode will be released on Tuesday December 22, 2020 on Spotify & YouTube.



29/12 Episode 3: BEHIND THE MEGAPHONE | Naomie Pieter


Naomie Pieter has always made her voice heard.She is a choreographer, founder of Black Pride Nederland and Pon Di Pride.Naomie is also one of the driving forces behind Kick Out Zwarte Piet, Black Queer Trans Resistance and Black Lives Matter NL.And yes, she also has 24 hours in her day.In this episode of Talking Tough, Jill, Bo and Shamiro learn more about the woman behind the megaphone.And they talk to her about healing, self-care for activists and the importance of love in the broadest sense of the word.On behalf of Naomie, Dr.Martens paid a sum of money to the FOKO Curacao Foundation.They are committed to the LGBTQI + community on Curacao.Want to know more about the organization?Look here: instagram.com/fundashonorguyokorsouThe last episode of this miniseries with Naomie Pieter will be released on Tuesday December 29, 2020. You can also listen to it on Spotify, and watch it on YouTube.Stay tuned!