Dr.Martens joined the party and hosted an ADE lounge in the Amsterdam store, in Hartenstraat. Many local and international talents stopped by the store to celebrate the first collaboration between Dr.Martens and ADE and it was such a success! Amongst the guests were DJ’s such as Nick Moody & Matthias Geerts, models Nelson Gariba & Raphael Bouman, actor Thijs Boersman and the Countess. The tunes were served by Jan van Kampen and II faces, and the vibes were truly unmatched.

“When the deep bass echoes around the city, euphoric crowds dance body to body and virtuosos share their knowledge, you know the most progressive and impactful gathering for electronic music is here — AMSTERDAM DANCE EVENT. Pioneering and rising artists, influential professionals and passionate enthusiasts — they all gather here to communicate and celebrate all the facets of electronic music.” 

— Numéro NL 7th issue quote by Thore Damwerth

There are still 3 days left of ADE and it is safe to say Dr.Martens seems like the perfect boot for your plans this festive weekend.

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