Dutch titan Don Diablo is back with another superb single ‘Through The Storm’ ft. UK based singer/songwriter Jordan Mackampa – out now via HEXAGON. 

Fusing Don’s inimitable sound with Jordan’s characteristic vocals, ‘Through The Storm’ features a sonic soundscape that perfectly complements the song’s motivational lyrics. A soulful slowed down piece of electronic music with a unifying message in these darker times, Don’s latest offering is here to captivate the hearts and inspire the minds of listeners worldwide.

Don Diablo “Excited to finally share "Through The Storm" from my upcoming FOREVER album. I really wanted to continue the spirit and my signature sound from "Bad", one of my biggest records from last year and feel super blessed to have Jordan Mackampa's incredible vocal talents on this record to add a unique layer of soul to it, which definitely took things to another level. The message of the record speaks for itself: we'll make it through this storm together. I can't wait to travel the world again and play this record out live one day in the near future.”

With the world still in lockdown, no one could accuse Don Diablo of resting on his laurels. Making an astounding entrance into the crypto-art scene last month, Don established himself as one of the most sought-after digital artists in the NFT space. His GΞNΞSIS and ‘Destination Hexagonia’ drops saw him disrupt the industry with a physical/digital NFT hybrid unlike anything that had been seen before.  ‘Destination Hexagonia’ saw Don make history with the sale of the first ever full-length concert NFT, selling for a staggering 600Ξ (current market value $2 million) on esteemed platform SuperRare and placing him as the 4th highest selling crypto artist in the world. Ever the production powerhouse, Don’s foray into the art world has not put a stop to his musical output, with new single ‘Through The Storm’ his seventh single of 2021, and a confirmed track on his upcoming album ‘Forever’. Earlier this week, to mark International Star Wars Day, Don also teased the news of a brand new collaboration with the prestigious movie franchise, with more to be unveiled over the coming weeks.