Globally adored and revered as an icon, Dom Pérignon is the champagne house that is seen as a true symbol of luxury, striving for perfection and inspiring the world around it. Dom Pérignon’s artistic ideal is a quest: always refined, often within reach, but never fully attained. It is a search for harmony, where the aesthetic concept merges with sensory experience.

“Universal Icon” Dom Pérignon is one of the most inspiring wine houses in the world, serving as both a universal icon in the champagne category and in the luxury industry with its timeless heritage. The brand is recognized not only for its extraordinary quality but also for its iconic appearance: the shield, the dark color, the logo, and the shape of the bottle. The logo draws inspiration from the heritage of champagne, paying tribute to the founder, the pioneering monk Dom Pérignon, who was appointed cellar master in 1668. Dom Pérignon is also the first champagne named after its founder rather than the place of production. The unique color of the bottle embodies depth and reflects the power and mystery surrounding Dom Pérignon. Since the first sip, it has been the favorite wine for the most prestigious events, often referred to as “drinking the stars.” In addition to the luxury of Dom Pérignon and the taste of each vintage, the extended aging process allows one to experience the feeling and essence of that specific year. Dom Pérignon remains highly beloved to this day, and this calls for a celebration with the latest Vintage, the Dom Pérignon Vintage 2013.

Perfect Elegance

Every creative process has its own set of conditions. For Dom Pérignon, this always means a Vintage wine. Only in the finest years is a Vintage declared. If the conditions of a particular year are not optimal, the decision may be made not to declare a Vintage for that year. Each Vintage has its distinct characteristics, with time always playing a role. Time for active maturation. For Dom Pérignon 2013, this process lasted nearly ten years, resulting in a perfect harmony between Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, resulting in exquisite elegance. The Vintage 2013 feels elegant on the palate. The initial sip envelops and feels heavenly. Then, the refined and silky foundation becomes more pronounced. The finish is marked by a lingering salinity that is pleasing. Additionally, the aroma of this wine divides your sense of smell into different color planes. The green of eucalyptus, mint, and vetiver, the yellow-orange of mirabelle plums, apricot, and orange blossom, the brown of pepper, cardamom, and licorice sticks, and finally, silverish saline and toasted hues.