Forever inspired by the pulse of NYC, DKNY sets out to capture the hearts of a new generation with an iconic take on the DKNY logo with the “The Heart of NY Capsule.” A love letter to the streetstyle and energy of New York, this EU-first collection represents a monumental evolution in the brand’s heritage, reflecting the ever-evolving spirit of DKNY and its vibrant legacy.

“The Heart of NY’’ is an invitation to experience the essence of New York like never before. At its core, it reflects DKNY’s global mindset of embracing new ideas and perspectives while reintroducing the “Heart of NY” and its unique beat to the world. Designed to resonate with a diverse and dynamic global audience, the playful yet iconic capsule captures the spirit of New York street style, giving a new dimension to the brand and making DKNY more accessible and recognizable than ever to streetwear lovers around the globe.

Designed to transcend trends, the “The Heart of NY Capsule” reimagines the urban aesthetics of DKNY’s DNA, featuring a range of streetwear and sport-inspired pieces for women. Among the standout details: graphic varsity influences meet bold color palettes, 90s-inspired denim jackets and skirts are reimagined for a new generation, utility vests and quilt-stitched outerwear are anything but utilitarian, bombers, bucket hats, and a covetable line of urban footwear are rich in personality with the new HEART DKNY logo front and center. Bags and accessories take on playful shapes while brand logos and patterns are given a new scale—bringing an elevated edge to the classics born for the streets.

This is not just a capsule; it’s a movement to rediscover the spirit of New York through personal style and a promise to provide accessible fashion that speaks to the world.

Photographed by Marco Cella
Styled by Jenke Ahmed Tailly