We had the immense pleasure of enjoying a delicious Afternoon Tea at THE DUCHESS, in their tea room with a stunning view over the Amsterdam canals. It's a simply divine experience, in tune with the seasons. We had the opportunity to try the spring version of the menu, inspired by flowers.

As soon as we arrived, we were welcomed with a refreshing aperitif, followed by a delicious selection of salmon and chicken hummus sandwiches. The menu also includes classic dishes but in smaller portions so that they can be enjoyed in the afternoon.

The sweet selection was simply divine. It included a refreshing sorbet, strawberry cream puffs, strawberry and basil compote, raspberry and rhubarb chocolate and a delicious mille-feuille.

This Afternoon Tea, accompanied by the very tasty Mariage Frères teas, was a refined and delicious experience. The presentations were neat and tidy, not to mention the flavours… Exquisite dishes served in an idyllic setting. A real treat for the taste buds and the eyes!

THE DUCHESS’ reputation is undeniable, but I was no less surprised by the quality of their Afternoon Tea menu. I was lucky enough to enjoy it with my best friend on a sunny day. We were sitting by a large window, and the gentle breeze and abundant natural light created a delightful atmosphere. The tea pairing was truly unforgettable and certainly one of the highlights of our visit.
The canapés and sandwiches served at the start delighted our taste buds with their unique and tasty combinations. The dessert was definitely my favourite part and exceeded all my expectations.

Timotej Letonja

words by Marie-Pauline Cesari