We recently had the pleasure of discovering a new hidden gem in Amsterdam Noord called V12. Created from scratch by three friends in a former metal factory, V12 is quickly becoming the new place to be. The unique setting in this industrial warehouse by the water provides a relaxed and intimate dining experience that’s hard to find elsewhere. 

Our evening began on the sunny terrace, where we decided to try every starter on the menu. The warmest Dutch summer evening provided the perfect backdrop for this culinary adventure. Each starter was a delightful surprise, showcasing the creativity and skill of the kitchen. From the aubergine with anchovy and oregano to the wild tomatoes with elderflower and fennel seed, every bite was a celebration of flavors! We enjoyed a bottle of Mein Klang, a delicious orange wine with aromatic hints of apricot and basil. Our favorite starter? The potato mille-feuille with black garlic mayonnaise, served in such a sophisticated way that we didn’t want to break it! As delicious as it was beautiful.

We moved inside to enjoy the courses of the three-dish menu. The sea bass, served with grapefruit, samphire, and cava, was simply exquisite. This was beautifully paired with fermented carrot and three colors of carrot, adding layers of vibrant flavor and texture to the dish. Then, we moved to the main course, vegetarian for my part, mixing sweetness and saltiness. I couldn’t help but lick the plate of my fondant turnip. Their menu changes every month, so you can always come back to taste the new offerings! For a little anecdote, we were so full that we didn’t dare try the dessert: a rosewater posset with dulce de leche and apricot. A delight, without a doubt.

The light inside V12 is amazing, highlighting the artful presentation of each dish. The space is tall and airy, giving a sense of openness and freedom. One of the standout features of V12 is its art curation. The restaurant is adorned with selected pieces that complement the industrial chic aesthetic. They also have a special room that doubles as an artist’s studio, available for hosting large dinners or private events.

V12 truly embodies the hip and vibrant spirit of Amsterdam Noord. It’s a place where food lovers can come together to enjoy creative, delicious dishes in an industrial and stylish setting. If you’re in Amsterdam, make sure to visit V12 and experience this new culinary hotspot for yourself. You won’t be disappointed! Only 10 minutes from the central station, it’s perfect for enjoying summer evenings thanks to its south-facing terrace.

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