“Couture is what remains when everything else has been forgotten.”

Haider Ackermann is passing through Jean Paul Gaultier’s history, revisiting the body of work of his peer in thirty-six “passages” composing the 2023 Haute Couture Collection. These passages cut through time as well as space, they are both moments and motions.

Because Jean Paul Gaultier’s has heart, and so much of it, it is of course from the heart that comes the answer. The heart speaks, the heart draws. The heart sews. Haider revels in lucid, levelheaded precision ; he found crazy yet supremely serene elements to play with in Jean Paul Gaultier’s multi-faceted œuvre. We all greatly need such calm and comfort today.

Here, two voices mingle and merge to reach an overwhelming unison, opening towards an intense and melodious cry for freedom*.
As Haider Ackermann puts it: “Since garments form a language, they must be surrounded by silence so that the message they carry can be heard.”
Anything else — everything else — will be told by the collection.