Among Amsterdam’s bustling De Pijp district residents, the Mediterranean restaurant Qlique has long been a favourite. Quique recently revamped its menu, thereby sharpening its Southern character even further.

Visitors to Qlique are immediately immersed in a Mediterranean bubble with influences from the Spanish islands, the Qôte d’Azur and Tuscany, for example, due to the romantic and carefully composed interior. Partly because of this, the restaurant has become very popular. Qlique’s menu has always closely matched this ambience, but its chefs have further honed it. Through the wide range of dishes on the new menu, visitors can indulge in familiar flavours or, on the contrary, be stimulated by new experiences.

What about, for example, the carpaccio with gorgonzola and hazelnut, the Iberico bellota with stracciatella and melon, the candied celeriac with celery and limoncello or the asparagus & bimi with mussels and prawns.

Qlique’s team is very excited about the tasty dishes’ new menu, bringing Southern Europe and the Mediterranean feel closer to the Amsterdam Pijp area. “We look forward to welcoming guests and letting them enjoy the flavours of Southern Europe in a romantic Mediterranean ambience.”

The staff also conveys Much of that ambience, who provide personal contact and high-quality service that will stay with visitors for a long time and feel like a ‘coming home’ for returning visitors. Passionately, the hosts and women of Qlique also convey their love for and knowledge about wine to guests. This way, there is always something for the real aficionados to discover, and even the lesser ‘connoisseurs’ are always assured of the best advice for their dishes. Of course, there is also a wide choice for those who prefer a cocktail. From the restaurant’s beautiful and centrally located bar, the tastiest cocktails are prepared until late at night.

Indulge your taste buds with the delicious dishes on Qlique’s new menu. Come along, immerse yourself in the atmosphere and the food and experience an unforgettable Mediterranean evening in the heart of Amsterdam.