The Belvedere Hotel in Mykonos is a prestigious establishment renowned in the island for its prestige hospitality experience. What used to be the private residency of the Campani Family is now a symbol of opulence, intimacy and cultural epicenter in Mykonos. Eminent artistic figures left their mark at the hotel, enriching its history through collaborations and turning it the place into the oasis of wonders that we know today. Luke Edward Hall, Julie Andrews, Piero Aversa and Princess Soraya of Iran contributed to turning the family-owned residency into a beacon of luxurious and captivating experiences.  

From the top-level spa facilities to the amazing Matsuhisa restaurant – one of Editor-in-Chief Timi Letonja’s favourite on the island – every aspect of the Hotel is thoughtfully arranged for the guests to have the most relaxing time in the best conditions possible. The refined rooms plunge you in a delightful Greek ambiance, with a sleek decoration. 

Matsuhisa Mykonos is the only open-air Nobu restaurant in the world with an outdoors sushi bar, making it an extra-special place. Superstar chef and entrepreneur Nobu Matsuhisa joined forces with the Ioannidis siblings in 2003 to bring Japanese excellence to the Greek shores. Bringing South American and European influences to traditional Japanese cuisine, chef Matsuhisa proposes global favourites like the rock shrimp salad, yellowtail jalapeno, salmon karashi and sashimi salad. Daily specials are featured on the menu, composed of Greek fish and local seafood. 

The Six Senses Spa blends scientifical knowledge with human awareness, with a serene space specially designed by Concept Boarding. Body and mind will be stimulated and relaxed, reaching nirvana in no time. Signature Spa Treatment are available for guests to try, implementing Eastern traditions to the rituals. From personalized yoga program, to holistic facial treatments passing by a full body treatment, everything is made for you to have a meticulously curated just for you. 

The Pool Club and the Sunken Watermelon Bar ensure that a delightful can turn into a feverish night, with the hotel being nested at the heart of Mykonos. Enjoy the prime entertainment curated by Arman Naféei while glancing at the panoramic sunset views. Outstanding hospitality and avant-garde culture are brought to the guests in the most beautiful setting, making the Belvedere Mykonos a truly unique place.