Rabanne’s collection doesn’t shy away from combining different elements and styles. Grunge, art school, borrowed clothes, vintage one-offs, menswear, 1970s graphic design. Every allusion contributes to a kind of intimate yet elaborate self-portrait. Rabanne pictures a composite character, a believable projection of someone who continually reformulates her own style. 

The mix of outer layers and inner layers. Seems to bring you closer and closer to reality, this collection considers the codes of Rabanne as an indescribable longing for everyday originality.

From beginning to end, Julien Dossena proposes an inspired mix of the unmatched. A collage of clashing patterns produce textural rhythms: bias plaids, fuzzy checks, flocked micro motifs, jacquard geometries, houndstooth mesh. Variations of colour converge on black and white: powdery yellow, bitter almond, mauve, deep rust and vivid azure. Between a sense of spontaneity and the suggestions of silhouette, garments wrap every which way: slightly open skirts, jumpsuits tied at the waist, sweaters embedded with shawls. Ornamentation evolves; dimensional, folded-over embellishments punctuate sheer skirts; configurations of cut-outs lean more Op-Art than ornate; legs are bejewelled in strass-patterned tights. Exposed linings are as exquisite as exteriors. 

From a corduroy-cuffed classic caban to a papery parka dolled up with faux fur, outerwear is roomy to accommodate visible layers beneath – the python-effect jacket, the heavy-gauge cardigan, the unbuttoned shirt, the slinky débardeur… 

Amidst this matrix of possibilities, pleasure comes from possessing a special piece: a diamond quilted sweatshirt in faux leather; a mini skirt with metal hardware; a dress spliced with botanical prints. Plus, the liberty to shuffle everything ad infinitum, like the top boasting a photo from Craig McDean’s “I Love Fast Cars” worn with a shimmering skirt. 

Turning to bags, the signature Paco with its twisting leather discs extends to larger tote and weekender shapes in fresh shades of cream and electric blue, while cosy shearling arrives for winter. New treatments of the 1969 span day to night, from tortoise shell to a lattice of crystals. Footwear follows an urban spirit: clog-style mules with the softness of slippers, high boots that scrunch down the leg. Sparkling brooches and necklaces add a touch of fantasy; bracelets and belts in leather and metal links lend an edge. 

Rabanne is not only a testament to craft but to crafting one’s personal and ever-changing identity. Make an impression as the world speeds by.