Imane Ayissi presented his newest Couture Collection at Paris Fashion Week this June. The Cameroonian designer first started his career as a professional dancer at Cameroon National Ballet, before drifting to fashion. He embodies audacity and elegance, fusing his African heritage with haute couture luxury. Wishing to revisit iconic items from the African wardrobe, the designer came to the idea of mixing elements from apparently different cultures into a beautiful presentation. Asia, Africa and Paris intertwine in an intricate journey through time and history, showcasing Imane’s eclectic influences.

The collection presented 24 ravishing looks deeply anchored in African fashion, blended with influences from Japanese culture. Batik fabric is sported on crop top and skirts co-ords, while Japanese Sakura print is used on long flowing boubou. The mixing of cultures adds another layer of depth to the presentation, gathering the East and the South-West together to open new possibilities. 

Kimono-inspired dresses are elevated into maximalist proportions, while fringes resembling straws adorn capes and dresses. The hair is rising to the celling, reminding of traditional African hairstyles, showing to the world another aspect of African excellence. Colours are vivid an unapologetic, catching our looks while the movement of the garments attracts the light.