Reflex Amsterdam is pleased to announce its first collaboration with the internationally acclaimed American photographer Gregory Crewdson. The focus of his solo exhibition, from 11 March until 6 May, is Crewdson’s most recent body of work Eveningside (2021-2022), but will span both of the gallery’s locations, and will also feature works from the series Cathedral of the Pines (2013-2014) and Beneath the Roses (2003-2008). The visual artist is renowned for his cinematographically staged photos.

In Eveningside (2021-2022), Crewdson explores moments of contemplation within the confines of quotidien life, in places of employment, and in moments just outside of those work structures. The figures populating the pictures are sparse, and are often seen through storefront windows, in mirror reflections, or positioned underneath the mundane proscenium found in the midst of their everyday routines: railroad bridges, doorways, porches, the overhanging roofline of a bank teller drive-through, a dairy bar, a corner market, or a hardware store.

Bringing his vantage point closer to the figures, using a heightened range of light and darkness, special effects such as fog, rain, smoke, and haze, and for the first time using his now ubiquitous full production and lighting team in a monochromatic palette, the result is a rich gothic atmosphere, evocative of film noir and classic cinema, but with the capabilities and clarity of the most current technology available in digital photography. Gregory Crewdson (1962) was born in Brooklyn, New York. He is a graduate of SUNY Purchase and the Yale School of Art, where he is now Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in Photography.

His career as an artist spans more than three decades. His methodology of working with a feature-film-like lighting crew to tell a story in a single image has brought together the languages of photography and cinema, and is referenced widely in film, television, and other visual forms.

The exhibition will be on show from march 11th until the 6th of may, for more information visit