‘’Creativity is like perversion in that both are grounded in fantasies of violations of the law’’ (David Moss, 2017).

Deep fantasy is an extension of the *id’s supernova acid trip. it dives into people’s vivid mental experiences and reimaging of realities. It invites the dislocation of one’s subjectivity and accepting multiple selves who dare to escape and explore radical and fantastic possibilities.

The collection is immersed in fantasy, allegory, and fetish. It starts with the love-struck dolphin (LSD) playfulness, which hints at the materialization of dreams and serves as an emblem of euphoric freedom. It then dabbles into the powerful analogy of crystal stalactites that refer to births, new unbounded and unrestrained beginnings, and an escape from one’s old and limited self. to then, through the alan crocetti’s punk-inspired fantasy plug crystals, contemplate a new, indulgent, and hedonist reality that serves as a liberation compensatory fulfillment for shackles and bonds that were once restrained, bound, and paralyzed.

campaign shot by Szilveszter Makó