FIVE HOTELS AND RESORTS are the ultimate “dare to be different” destinations, bringing together music, art, glamour, design, and culinary experiences. We were thrilled to see that FIVE made the decision to go global and build their brand in Europe after establishing themselves as major players in Dubai with not one, but two hotels, and a third one on the way. Numéro was given the unique chance to witness firsthand how FIVE brought their wildly popular concept from Dubai to Zurich.

At FIVE Zurich, the 87 spectacular suites and rooms will undoubtedly exceed your expectations. The rooms provide either a stunning forest view or the metropolitan skyline. Everything FIVE does shows that music is ingrained within their DNA. With each step you take as you go around the property, you can sense the connectivity to music.

When you enter FIVE Zurich, you are greeted by breathtaking murals portraying all the big artists that once set foot on the property (Rihanna, Elton John and Freddy Mercury) before FIVE transformed it into what it is today. The connection to music continues as you walk through the building, from a chandelier made from trumpets, and lights made from microphones to a stunning piece of art that encompasses the whole staircase: a string of lights that symbolizes the dopamine rush that occurs inside your brain while you are listening to music.

Those seeking the ultimate Dubai-infused Instagram-worthy lifestyle don’t have to travel too far any longer, as they can hop on a quick flight to FIVE Zurich. The grand opening included the debut of FIVE Zurich’s 7 dining and nightlife venues welcoming everyone to dine, drink and dance in true FIVE spirit. With so many places to choose from, you wouldn’t even need to leave the hotel and still have the best time of your life.

Once you enter the FIVE Zurich, you will cross paths with its beating heart called Tune in; the international café and bar open 24/7 and the perfect place to unwind both inside and outside. With nice weather, you can visit the Social pool where you can take a plunge or relax by the water as you indulge yourself in unique cocktails and bites and listen to FIVE music to lift your spirits. The backdrop of the mountain range will not let you down, I promise. If you are searching for a nighttime program, FIVE Zurich certainly has you covered. Dining at Dubai’s award-winning celebrity dining hotspot Maiden Shanghai left me wanting more. They revitalized the Chinese culinary legacy by fusing Cantonese, Sichuan, Shanghai, and Beijing cuisines. When contemplating what to order at the dinner table, I recommend trying the crispy prawn and Chilean sea bass starter. Both will surely give you the perfect sensory overload. For the next course, please make sure to order the Peking duck. As you finish your dinner, the mooncake and various mochis will top it all off by hitting all your sweet notes. At the other end of the floor, Soul St. celebrates global street food with some carefully crafted delights as four diverse world kitchens converge with each other, striking your soul. Soul St.’s selection of Asian, Indian, Latin, and Arabic dishes will satisfy all your cravings, bringing the world to one spot. The lettuce wrap with pulled wagyu was my personal fave. In between it all, The Vault, FIVE Zurich’s wine bar, gives you the ultimate Swiss experience, housing over 1400 wines and offering traditional Swiss fondue and cheeses while you sit in what looks like a real vault and take in the magnificent city skyline. Last but not least, I can’t forget to mention The Penthouse, where you can dine on the terrace in awe of the city’s skyline and afterward get lost in a maze of never-ending parties at their rooftop club. 

FIVE has built some incredible relationships with major artists like Joel Corry, Robin Schulz, Jax Jones, Lost Frequencies, and many others throughout the years. FIVE Zurich will take the sound FIVE developed in Dubai all the way in Europe. With their very own label FIVE music, the brand will not only showcase music’s biggest names but also provide a platform for those who have yet to be discovered. No matter where you go, you’re followed by the sound of FIVE. From the moment you enter FIVE Zurich at Tune in to when you dine, relax in the spa, or splash in the pool outside, music is always by your side. With their own mixtapes playing in their private taxis, to the varying playlists they’ve created on their Spotify, everyone can leave with FIVE music rushing through your veins.

Every corner of the building is beautifully designed in collaboration with artists from the region, paying homage to the property’s Swiss heritage while staying true to FIVE’s aesthetics. One outstanding example is how music, which is central to FIVE, and the alp horn, which is central to Swiss culture, come together to perfectly frame the hotel’s entry. The 14-meter alphorn sculpture was handcrafted by Franz Koster from 18 interlaced alphorns.

A stay at FIVE Zurich could never be long enough; you could get lost in a fantasy maze of never-ending culinary places and spectacular party venues. To recover from the night before, you could order room service and treat yourself to a spa treatment day. Where you will have the finest massages and where you can swim and relax in various saunas. 

After seeing it with our own eyes, we believe FIVE has created a hotspot with features unlike those found anywhere else in Europe. From enjoying the finest beverages and cuisine, getting massaged in the spa, to attending an exclusive party with an amazing performance by Lost Frequencies. We have no doubt that guests from all over the world will meet here to have the time of their lives, just like we did.

“It’s our passion to deliver world-class and inimitable entertainment experiences. While we welcome an international crowd to our music events in Dubai, we’re excited to bring those beloved concepts to Zurich and raise the bar even further to deliver avant-garde music experiences in Europe.” – FIVE

WORDS Aicha Pilmeyer