Emeric Tchatchoua presented 3.PARADIS’ S/S25 collection on June 21st at Paris Fashion Week at the General delegation of Québec on Avenue Foch. Born and raised in Paris to Cameroonian parents and having moved to North America when he was still a teenager, the designer’s multi-cultural background inspired its newest creation. Channeling influences from various cultures, the collection embodies the spirit of those who transcend conventional boundaries to create their own realities. 

Each piece of the collection is a mirror of the rich tapestry of experiences that shaped each and every one of us. Multiple inspirations appeared on the runway, from American streetwear to French tailoring infused with African style, the fusion of textures capture the essence of exploration and adventure. 90’s fitted denims frequented printed short-sleeved shirts, for an effortlessly cool vibe. Vintage telephones acted as monograms on shirts, pants and skirts like a call to nostalgia. Bold colors remind us of traditional African fabrics, with reds and yellows taking the center stage.  

Thanks to a partnership with Teintures de France by Serge Houazi, 3.PARADIS accessed cutting-edge technology and enhanced its dyeing techniques and sustainability. To honor the upcoming Paris Olympic Games, the brand collaborated with multiple sport organisms, such as the NBA. Real basketballs used as accessories saluted this partnership and a rebranded Paris Saint Germain football club jersey celebrated the club’s 12th league title.